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Opinions Please!

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Please can you guys out there help? Can you Nutzters out there give me your opinion as to which wheels look best on our Eunos.

I like one set, the missus likes the other,(not going to say which ones!) there is a battle going on here folks!

Please just say top pic, or bottom pic to make it easier, and the ones which lose are going in the for sale section, or on ebay.

Thanks for your help in saving a battle!!

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Bottom pic and I'd also say they are the ones your missus likes.

Or let Harry Hill decide
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Bottom ones. Look like the Rotas I had on my Mk1.
The top alloys are 16" with 205/50/R16 on the rear, and 205/45/R16 on the front.

The bottom alloys are 15" with 195/50/R15 all round. These are the most popular so far, and I have to say to 'GaryR', well done mate, your right.

Please keep the opinions rolling in, Cheers!
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Does anyone think putting 195/55/r15 tyres on would fill that rear arch like the 16" alloys do? Would it also improve ride quality?
Bottom on an Mx5, but I love the top wheels, wanted a set for my old Mr2
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I prefer the bottom ones

Bottom ones here, too
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I`ll edit my post
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There seems to be only me and you that's agreeing, the missus is winning big time so far
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I'm afraid it's the bottom ones for me too.
top ones for me
Top ones for me. They look like a set of split rims that were on an import I looked at before getting my car. Shame that car had more rust than metal, the wheels almost sold the car to me!

Too much arch showing in the second pic. Looks like it's on a jack. If you're keeping the second ones then I'd recommend some lowering springs
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Doesn't really matter cos the missus is always right and will get her way in the end
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Top ones definitely! Bottom ones would suit a mk2 ok but the style looks a little 'new' for an NA, IMO.
Bottom ones look best in my opinion.

i used have the same wheels as the bottom ones but i vote the tops ones look nicer.
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