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Open My Bonnet.?

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Anyone have any tips on opening the bonnet on a mk1 when the bonnet release has snapped.??
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Has it completely snapped or just gotten loose?

If it is just loose you need to bang about half way up on the "hump" on the bonnet just to the left of it (driver's side).

Worked perfectly on my old car every time

Otherwise can you see any of the loose cable? Hopefully it hasn't snapped in the engine bay so you can just get pliers on it and pull to release.

Or jack the car up, take off the under panel thing and then work up to the cable and pull with pliers?
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Think it's properly snapped but can't tell whereabouts..
You should be able to get to the catch by reaching up inside the mouth of the front bumper at the top, just infront of the aircon rad, the cable runs through there aswell, just behind the drivers side horn. Not opened it from there myself, but I was in there on the weekend installing my charge cooler rad.

Hope that helps!
Thanks Rich, it's pretty crowded in there with my intercooler and all, but will take a look...
Any luck? Be nice to know how hard / easy it is to replace the cable.
Like Rich says, you can reach up inside the mouth and squeeze the latch with your fingers. I've an intercooler and oilcooler up there and can reach it ok. Bit of a fiddle till you work out the bit you need to squeeze but does work.

Replacing the cable is about a 20min job... did it a while back and is pretty straightforward.
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