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Oil under engine - how much is an issue?

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Morning. Servicing my mk1 yesterday and noticed a bit of oil underneath the engine. Photos attached. Is this just a sign of age or is theee a problem I should be looking at? Suggestions welcome and apologies if a stupid question


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Its not unusual to have oil under an aged engine, rubber degrades, seals go and things do need maintaining.

An angry wife asking you to clean a drive way is reason enough for me to fix a leak but I guess you need to weigh up yourself how much of an issue this is really.
Looking at the photos, I have seen a lot worse. It's not really possible for me to tell where it's coming from though without my own eyes and hands on the engine.

If I was trying to figure where this was coming from, I'd start at the top of the engine and work my way down. Using a flashlight in the dark can reveal easily where fresh oil is a lot easier than in the light. Similarly feeling areas that are obscured will tell you almost immediately if its fresh oil leaking.
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