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Oil under engine - how much is an issue?

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Morning. Servicing my mk1 yesterday and noticed a bit of oil underneath the engine. Photos attached. Is this just a sign of age or is theee a problem I should be looking at? Suggestions welcome and apologies if a stupid question


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main thing is to clean it - clean all the existing oil off the outside, then run it and see from where it turns up.

but to me what you appear to have is either the front main seal (biatch) or oil sump leaking but it's not easy to tell which, ever., unless you clean it first.

it may also be worthwhile nipping up the oil pump bolts - they are known to leak if not done up enough - one of yours is absolutely encrusted in oil, the one in the first photo above the two visible sump bolts.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts