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Evening guys,
I'm off to look at an MX5 on the weekend and would like your input on a couple of issues.

Firstly the basics: The car in question is a 1995 R-Limited in Satellite Blue with just over 120k on the clock. The difference is that the mileage is on the chassis and not the engine as it has a refurbished replacement last year from a reputable performance specialist and is apparently running very well as you'd expect. The last engine suffered from oil burning then blew it's big end so it may well have been driven hard. The standard equipment is as you'd expect with the addition of a Torsen LSD, Mazdaspeed exhaust and manifold, and a replacement steering wheel rather than the stock Nardi one. In short, it looks great however this leads me to a few issues where I need your help..

Problem 1.
The AC doesn't work. So far, this is all I know so I don't know if its the compressor, the AC clutch, duff belts, pipe leaks etc. I am assuming the worst and budgeting (ie, asking for discount from the window price) for £400. If this is the worst and it is a replacement unit plus belts and labour, is £400 about right? I've recently replaced on on my GTI which was around that figure.

Problem 2.
The fuel gauge is "unreliable." Now my 07 STI didn't know how much fuel was in it some days but because I'm new to MX5s could you tell me what this might indicate and how much it may be to fix? I'm assuming it'll be a tank exploration to see if the potentiometer (if it uses one) is sticking or needs a replacement etc.

My only concerns after these two are around the miles the car has had on it because it will have been driven hard at some point as that is the point of this model. So, how hardy is the Bilstein suspension, LSD and general non-engine components at this mileage? I'll look for the usual knocking from the struts, arbs when on a test drive and any clunking or whining from the rear diff when on full lock but am I being overly cautious or just being sensible?

Any other advice you might have, please let me know.

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