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Going to transfer my personal plate over to my mazda, I want to have new plates made in a nicer (legal) style, anyone got any ideas?
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A nice plain white one for the front, and the same but in yellow for the rear.

I've used several times in the past and they have always beene excellent.

You need to decide whether you want strictly 100% legal plates, or show plates with the legal font
ive used craigs plates too, very very good.
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Got my square front one from Halfords when I changed to a side mount
Seems good quality and didn't take too long for them to make up (although the first time it came back they had done a yellow one by mistake

I went for a plain font with a black printed border, but they did say the 3D and carbon effect ones are also legal - But looked a bit too fussy IMHO.

Here's mine anyway:

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I just got some from, they're legal, design you're own, can have borders, logos, slogan on the bottom. Fast delivery. email offer comes once you have bought a set giving you 50% discount on next set if bought within 7 days.

I recommend them!
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Another thumbs up for Craig's Plates. I just put a stick-on on mine yesterday. Not STRICTLY legal but looks the biz if you ask me.
I just bought a new front plate off ebay for under a fiver posted

I wasnt holding out much hope but it turned up the next day, GB and all.

amazed they can be made and posted for that money!
Thanks for the links, is it worth not having strictly legal plates, surely its a faff to sort out at MOT time and do the police not pull you over?
Depends, some have been told to change them others get away with it, if you stick to the legal font and spacing I'd say it's unlikely you'll have any trouble.
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