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Hi guys, new to the forum, looks like a great sea of knowledge here so hopefully someone can help me out

I've recently purchased as a project a 1994 eunos roadster 1.8

I am I'm the process of tidying it up ready for the summer, nothing too major just niggly things like a window regulator which I have and a new roof skin as someone sliced the one on the car at the moment

The main issue im having is with the steering, when moving the car the steering is very very notchy, almost to a point it's very difficult to actually turn the wheel, every 1/8th of a turn I can feel it being held back and it does it all the way from lock to lock

I checked the fluid level (at front of engine bay) and its at the full mark and is a clean red / pink colour

I moved the car around my lockup today and moving it made it slightly better but nothing too noticeable

Just wondering what could possibly be the problem, I'm not aware of any belt slippage, couldn't see any issues with that, I could hear the pump working as it should be

Anyone got any ideas, am I looking at possibly bleeding the system or maybe even a new steering pump or worst case steering rack ?

Thanks guys :)
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