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Noob From Buckinghamshire

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Hi there,

I picked up my 1990 1.6 Eunos Roadster in British Racing Green today and am really enjoying it! It's got 40,000 miles from new and is totally immaculate

It's a 1.6 VSpecial in Green with Tan leather and a black Roof:

pics to follow shortly!


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Sounds like you got a good 1, in the best colour too
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Welcome to Nutz matey - Yet another cracking sounding Mk1 joins the family
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Thanks everyone, I look forward to getting to know the car! I'm really enjoying the driving experience and the engine note from the standard engine is really good too!
Welcome mate your car sounds so good its nice when you find a little gem!!!
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cheers mate, just need for some good weather so I can drive it with the roof down (plus take some photos of it).
sounds similar to mine
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Welcome matey from sunny watford another newbie close to home hopefully meet up soon
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Thanks, mine has different wheels I think but otherwise they probably look very similar!

Cool, seems there are a few local people on here with MX-5's. Do most people in this area go to the Hemel meet?
Pics now in Members Rides!
A mint Triumph TR6 parked next to me today so I thought it was an ideal moment for a photo!

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oo another local im in High wycombe area
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Hi mate, will keep a look out for you next time I'm in Wycombe! (I live in Aylesbury by the way)
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