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Hey guys,
Just thought i would introduce myself! I don't actually have a MX-5 yet but im in the process at the moment, thought id come on here for some knowledge...

Anyways, thats all i have to say at the moment!

p.s If anyone is selling a cheap UK car pm me.
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Welcome to Nutz Bakedbean100 - check out the for Sale section of the forum

Is there any specific reason why you are looking for a UK car in particular?
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Hi mate welcome to nutz you are just down the road from me
I live in colchester hope you find one soon!!!
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Hey guys, cheers for the warm welcome. I'm looking for a UK car as i'm only 20 and the insurance is rediculous for Eunos although id probably prefer one! I may be going to see a UK car within the next week or so, so wish me luck!
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