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Newbie In Scotland.

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Hi all been looking at MX5s for a while as theey fit my needs for a toy perfectly.

Have got a couple of questions,

What are the raritys of the colours? if that makes sense? Im after a blue or black Mk1 but not many ever seem to come up are they rare colours?

Also am I right in thinking no uk cars came with an LSD? do import 1.6's ever come with them?
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Said hello on your other thread but Hi

Depends which colours you are after, different colours were used in different years

std colours

Some UK cars did have LSD fitted but not many, more likely to get a import with one and yes quite a few 1.6 had a viscous LSD fitted but they are weaker than the torsen LSD's fitted to the 1.8's which can be retro fitted to a 1.6 but you need the drive shafts and the prop from the 1.8 as well.

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