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Newbie From Surrey

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Hi All,

Names Tim, looking to get myself into a Mk1 MX5 after a 7 year obsession with VWs. Had a pretty sorted Mk1 Golf Cabriolet converted to a 2ltr 16v which was all sorts of fun. Was a long term project and eventually lost heart with it and broke it for parts.

Been travelling for a year and now back and want a new convertible and the mx5 just seems to tick all the boxes (once turbo'd that is). Plus my dad used to work for mazda back when the mk2 first came out and he still swears that they are some of the best cars he has ever driven (worked for porsche and fezza and still thinks this!) so much so that he has just bought himself a mint late BRG mk1 that he is slowly tweaking into a fun weekend car.

Recently seen an amazing white mx5 but was pipped at the post for it. Therefore i am very much on the lookout for a good mk1, im very technically / mechanically minded so small things dont put me off. Got about ?1000 to spend plus can part ex my Mk3 golf gti (2ltr 8v) to sweeten the deal (its a bit long in the tooth so only worth about ?500)

If anyone knows of anything in the budget let me know, was gonna look at a dinked silver one but really want to hold out for a nicer example.

Only thing i dont like is BRG ... white preferable


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Welcome over!

I had a nice Mk4 Golf, until it had a bit of a failure and cost me £800ish to fix! I do love the Mk1 rag-tops and would have bought one in a heartbeat before I got the MX5; I do still look at them with an 'I want' look in my eyes whenever I see a nice one. Got any pics..?

Hope your MX5 search bears fruit soon!
Alright Tim, thats three of us over her from No Rice now!

The irony!

Cab went from this

to this:

to this:

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