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Newbie From North Essex

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I live in Saffron Walden, north Essex and am looking to add a Mk1 to my fleet, someone on Pistonheads pointed me towards mx5nutz and I'm already hoping to get my hands on the lovely looking limited edition that PDR is advertising.

I don't know a great deal about mx5s but I rented a silver mk1 a few years ago to drive in New Zealand and have never forgotten the fun we had - particularly on the 'unsealed' roads - basically gravel rally stages!

I'm buying one mainly to use on the roads at weekends to get over having to drive a diesel Volvo for work, but am hoping to have a go on track a few times too, so any advice on that front would be much appreciated.


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Welcome Ben,

Im just down the road in Bishops Stortford.

The right 5 is an addictive little car and should put a smile on your face.

Post up here the details of ones you are looking at to get some insight on each one.

Have fun

Thanks Jonathan, I used to work in Hockerill Street, so know Stortford well.

I went to see a car in Dunmow yesterday and it was 3 years older than advertised and an import, but advertised as a UK car! It was a bit of a shed too, but it still drove beautifully.

I am very keen on this one at the moment: My link but it is a bit far to go and see....

I was going to link to one on Pistonheads too, but can't get into the MX5 section of the classifieds for some reason.

Any other recommendations in the sub 3k price bracket?

Hi mate welcome to forum ,i'am from colchester not far from you, i have got a mk1 and i'am loving it
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Well, I just placed a deposit on the Mk1 I linked to above, now I just need to work out how I'm going to collect it!

Looking forward to the long drive home....
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Howie is in Newport!!!! Give him a nudge for any nearby advice
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