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New Online "Miata" Magazine

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no worries, im gona sign up. Should be ok for free!
Signed up and all.
no worries, im gona sign up. Should be ok for free!
Ive just spoken to the publisher, Craig who said he would be interested in cars from all over the world to be published in the magazine. He mentioned that there will be a submissions page for a magazine feature or a "readers rides".
Seen this over on will be good for free
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Yup I signed up too. Hopefully it's good.
So it's got absolutely no content, no tips, no nothing and they expect you to pay up front for something you have no idea of

Forums are the new magazines IMO, almost instant news, honest none edited info and replies and great info, i'll be bolloxed if i'm gonna pay for something no where near as what i get at Nutz.

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its not free though?
Looks like it is free to view online but you pay if you want it in pdf format.

Online will do for me!
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yeah. online for free will do me too.
Nice, I'll have a bit of that
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anyone recieved anything yet?
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