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New Mohair Hood

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Morning All!

I just had a new Mohair hood fitted to the car, and it looks lovely!

However, it's nigh impossible for me to put it back up after taking it down, it's so tight I needed a second person to help me lock it into place. Is this normal on a new hood? Does it need time to stretch out a bit before becoming easier to put up?
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I bought my car in august, and it had a recently (less than 12 month) fitted hood and a hardtop.

Of course, I ran it all winter with the hard top. First time i put the soft top up OMG it was hard work, especially with the zip up window, definately had to zip the windo before putting up the hood.

Took a few days to get reasonably easy to lift up by your self.

But right now, about 4-5 weeks after taking hard top off, she is going up and down easy. Just needs some time and up and downing to stretch the hood to the car i guess
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Cool! So I'm not alone in this... I better get down the gym and work my triceps before attempting it again though
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on most cars you are not ment to lower a new roof for about a week so it has time to stretch.
on most cars you are not ment to lower a new roof for about a week so it has time to stretch.
I reckon thats pretty sound advice, i'm not planning on dropping this one for a while now! Not unless I have a buddy on hand to help put it back up.
I had a new mohair fitted a couple of weeks back & just as your's, it was as tight as a drum..........I have left it up as much as possible to bed in & it's a tad easier now, although if I leave it down all day it becomes quite tight again but it definitely is getting easier
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Just need to keep it up as long as poss they should of told you this where you got it done
Back in the day when I had a lovely mohair hood the fitter (jimparts) suggested not lowering the hood for a week or so. This proved to be good advise.
I had mine fitted a Jack Smiths nade a good job but had the same problem........almost impossible to fasten for a few times but gradually got easier after a couple of months (yes it was that tight)
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