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Hi there all - been reading threads on this forum for some time now- thought I'd actually do a post and say hello.

My names Jon and currently live in Hereford UK.

Just bought my second Mk1 Mx5 and this one is a bit special!

Mk1 UK car - Turbo running circa 220bhp BRG
P5 Puredrive suspension
Elise seats
Race harnesses
Roll bar
Rota wheels
etc etc . The car is awesome to drive - and pretty damn quick too.. plan is to do some subtle mods to it - with the aim of doing some track days at some point.

Currently trying to source a 2.5" turbo exhaust and resisting the temptation to buy a carbon hardtop

Any ideas on the exaust - would like a Fm turbo exhaust but P5 dont seem to stock them anymore

Cheers Jon
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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