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New Biva Rules?

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I've just seen a thread on another forum discussing new regulations that may be introduced. Although I don't post here much, I think that it's important that every car forum is aware of the new proposals.

The most interesting part is that "The DVLA could decide that an owner who cuts into a Ford Escorts Transmission Tunnel to fit a five speed gearbox has modified the monocoque. Similarly working on a mini?s bulkhead to fit a Weber carburettor or adding a larger engine could count as a modification." While the MX5 can't be pre '73, it might have some impact on what can be done, including FI.

Obviously I don't know what will happen, but the more people who are aware of this, the greater the opposition to it will be.

I thought about delaying making this thread until tomorrow morning, but that might have been cruel.

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I think the word COULD is the same COULD, that says Global Warming COULD be true, and Tony Blair Could be honest.

Yes, that's right, it could. Dismiss it if you want.
April fool ?
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