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Hello everybody!

I have a 2002 NB Phoenix edition with the 1.8 and LSD. It's my first MX5 and I'm in love with it so far even though it failed it's MOT recently!

Goals for it are to get it track ready and enjoy some seat time on the weekends. Also keen to take it drifting but I don't want to wreck it 馃ゴ

I'm currently searching for a pair of seat belt stems to pass the MOT so if anybody can help with that I would really appreciate it! 馃檹

Loads of mods, repairs and replacements planned! Including getting rid of the tatty duct taped roof. Apart from that the car is in great condition!

Cheers! Dan
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Hi there, I recently bought some parts off a chap on gumtree he is based in Rochdale/Milnrow area. He has a couple of ads on there but has loads of parts in his unit he seemed resonable with the price's aswell.

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Hi there, I recently bought some parts off a chap on gumtree he is based in Rochdale/Milnrow area. He has a couple of ads on there but has loads of parts in his unit he seemed resonable with the price's aswell.
Thanks! I managed to get a pair sent out from somebody breaking a car. They're arriving today so fingers crossed it will be sorted. If they're no good then I'll keep looking, thanks for the advice

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Big update! 馃専

So a lot has happened since my last post. Firstly some boring stuff. I got all the parts necessary and got it through the MOT. Uncovered an issue with my EGR valve that will need to be sorted before the next MOT but hey! That's future me's problem...

Now the exciting part!

I lowered it, I don't have a huge budget so I went for Maxpeedingrods adjustable dampening coilovers. I know they have bad rep but I'm actually very surprised with how good they perform and the ride comfort is great. Super easy to install and quick to adjust.

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I also took it for a proper shake down at its first track day at Curborough Sprint Track!
The car took a serious thrashing and didnt miss a beat all day 馃榿
The coilovers performed well, I had them on the stiffest setting and I was very impressed.

I drove to the limit of the old budget tyres though, lots of sliding around, next upgrade is definitely wheels and tyres. That being said, I managed to match the lap times of a Yaris GR, a brand new M3 and an old chap in a Porsche! So I'm happy 馃槉

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And lastly!
I got a hard top 馃槑

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So chuffed! I got it from a nice guy for a great price. He was a seasoned MX5 owner so I picked up some extra useful advice too 馃憤

I'm so fu**ing happy with this car! 馃挀
I've got some little maintenance days planned next. Super excited about continuing the modification process and attending more track days and mostly, just having fun!

Keep watching! Cheers! 鉁

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So! I've been doing some maintenance and investigation of some issues I've got. The car runs ritch, occasionally pops and bangs and has an intermittent but pretty bad idle droop problem.

I got my mechanic to check for codes and he told me it was an EGR fault and that I should in fact have a check engine light. But it looks like a previous owner has removed the bulb from the dash somehow 馃が
So the first thing I did was clean out the EGR valve and intake manifold.

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Although this was very satisfying it did not fix my problem. So I fitted a used replacement EGR valve from ebay. This hasn't fixed it either. So I've replaced my spark plugs for good measure as they were very fouled up from running rich and got my own OBD2 scanner to investigate further.

the codes I got were..

P0172 - System too rich
P1498 - EGR Valve Motor Coil '3' Open or Shorted

Since I know its not the actual EGR valve, next I'm going to check the plugs and wiring connected to it for any issues. If anybody has any other recommendations for this then I would mega appreciate it.

Also, before getting new injectors or a fuel pump or anything, are there any easy things I can check for to fix the rich air fuel mix? I'm going to clean my air filter first as thats easy 馃槄 then check MAF and Oxygen sensors

Cheers! Hoping to get these issues solved soon so I can get back to buying shiny things! 鉁
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