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My Silver Mk1 Eunos

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Hello all!

I have had my Eunos for a couple of weeks now and just had a new mohair hood fitted today by hothoods so I thought I better get some pics up of her.

The car is a 1.6 MK1 Eunos, totally standard. It has covered 70k and is in pretty nice condition, it needs a little bodywork tidy up and a good dose of Waxoyl next, I intend to keep it standard as the car is acting as my daily driver while I take my S14 off the road for a bit to get some jobs done to it.

Rear aches and sills are in great nick, just a few dings to take out the body and the bootlid needs a better spray job doing on it.

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Looks a good buy. Blue mohair suits a silver car well

Keep it standard
Bet a pound to a penny you don`t.
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lol, you might be right, I do want to change for the 1.8 brakes on the front, and maybe a decat / induction kit in the future... but my Nissan got to the stage where it was a bit uncomfortable for day to day driving and I want this to stay practical. (well as practical as a 2 seater roadster can be)
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Love the blue hood suits the car very nicely.

I got a few dings on mine, just got one of them dent pullers for them, but not going to attempt until it stops raining! so I can concentrate as I dont want to ruin the bodywork.
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Silver and blue look cool, welcome to Nutz
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