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After getting bored of the Audi - who knew that would happen eh! - I bought my latest 5.

Was from a member on here and REALLY well looked after. Came with no mods to note other than a momo course steering wheel and a snap-off boss.

Basic spec:

1.6 (114bhp)
5spd manual
A/C, Power steering

Some pics as it was when I got it:

Mod #1

Black repeaters
Clear front reflectors
New CD/Radio
Silver valve caps
Replacement cubby hole
Greddy/Trust Ball knob

Mod #2

Black alcantra gaitors with red stitching

Mod #3

Replaced door cards with stainless teardrop shaped speaker covers
Re-trimmed door cards in black alcantra with a 3mm foam backing and removed stock handles



Mod #4

Will eventually have side mounted plate, but that will wait until I get the front bumper re-sprayed - for now though a good de-bricking.

Mod #5

This weekend has seen a few little things change on the car. Mainly maintenance though, such as replacing a brake light, changing the handbrake mech (cheers Ron!) and replacing the carpet which has a nasty rip with another. Not quite sure how it happened, but I ended up buying a set of Mazdaspeed wheels (thanks again Ron!) which replaced the std daisies. They are a little tatty - mismatched tyres and missing one centre cap (hence all of them removed.. which I actually really quite like) but when the car is lowered and with a little spacing all round these wheels with a refurb will look spot on!

Another bonus is that none of us had seem them before, so a little exclusivity perhaps?

Mod #6

This week's mods I had been looking forward to for a while. Cusco style bar (temporary until after the wedding so I can get a cage), and a 40mm drop.

I also got my numberplate side mounted, and a nice brace under the bonnet - will post pics of those soon

To be continued........

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Got to see this car in the flesh yesterday..........Tis a damn fine example

Even if a neighbour did leave a note on the windscreen asking if he was thinking of "upgrading" to a MK2 as he just happened to be selling one
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