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My New Toy - 3.0 V6 Mx5

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Well I have now got my hands on the 300ZX Quad cam 3 litre engined beastie off Ebay

Having been stung on Ebay a few times when buying cars, I now always bid ?500 less than I think its worth as there tend to be ?500 worth of problems they have "forgotten" to mention and this was no exception, however for what I paid, I am happy with it.

The good points

I like the colour, its a good paint job and a very tidy car.

The engine fits in well.

The bad points

I drove it back carefully as there were a few knocks and rattles, having put it on the ramp I'm glad I did.

The diff mount is broken, the suspension shocking, the exhaust is a disaster.

220bhp my arse, its not slow but it is missing a fair few ponies.

The radio has a mind of its own, the rad fan is on a flick switch, the rad is way too small...

Basically its a project car which really is the last thing I needed right now but how often can you find a 3ltr MX5 ?

I've started drawing up a list of jobs and I'm confident that with a bit of time and money it will be a cracker.

I'll update this thread with pics etc but it won't be a quick project as I've got loads on at the minute.

I'll have a few pics up in a bit
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Was watching that on ebay, looks like an awesome project and proper bargain
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Congrats on the buy Mark, should be a nice runner once sorted! Glad to see your working your way slowly up to 8 cylinders!
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Nice work Mark.

Im sure you will get it sorted and running well in time.
Great that you bagged a rare one..
Have fun with it.

PS if you like the colour thats great, but I think with those wheels you should do the window surround black as well - imho
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Stick it on a dyno!
You said the ponies (at the top end at least) might be lame, but presumably theres some nice low down torque?
The wheels will be going.

Its deceptive power wise.

On the M way when I came out of the 50 limit, I floored it in 5th and it reached 80 rapidly but it doesn't feel as quick as my Coldside.

I've checked and it isn't quite getting full throttle, the plugs look rich and the air filter looks dirty but TBH it feels like its around 180bhp and similar torque but it isn't going anywhere until I've fabricated a new diff mount (there is no PPF).

Unfortunately I have work booked all weekend so doubt I'll get a chance to look at it in any depth until next week.
Awesome that thing went cheap but great to see it going to a hardcore nutzer. Please keep us all updated.
Not sure what the actual colour is but i love it. As i`ve said before it`s very similar to my old MGB colour & i never did find out what it was.

Good luck geting it sorted
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Get some vids up lad, lets hear the V6 screaming away
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wow that engine fills the bay well

Looking forward to reading more about this!
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I see what you mean about the puny radiator, but looks enough space to drop in something bigger??
I like it...should be one hell of an impressive finished product!
Hi Mark, I had been watching that, I wondered who had bought it. Good luck with it, probably drive you round the twist but I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run. The cooling was the first issue I had to deal with, got a 52mm Godspeed ally rad from the States. Still sorting out problems 3years on, new engine, new carbs,suspension, battery, seats, wheels etc etc

Cheers Andy
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As the rear diff mount is such a bodge up - loads of bits welded on top and bottom and its solid mounted that I've decided to fit an entire rear subframe in.

I'm going to then use a std PPF but as it isn't easy to mount it to a 300ZX box I'm going to cut most of it off it and then 'rubber' mount it to the trans tunnel.

I'm also deleting all the exhaust boxes and running twin pipes - there is a 'sound off' at Supercar Sunday and last year they took the pi$$ out of Steve's 5 which he entered for a bit of fun, this 5 should be 'competative'

Whilst the rad's height looks a bit silly it does mean that its the highest point without having to bother with a header tank and its width is bang on to allow the intake pipes around it to the front.

So I think I'll get it re-cored to double thickness and then add an undertray etc as currently there is no ducting what so ever.

TBH I don't think this is going to be enough of a monster to stop me building my V8 so I'm going to MOT the donor Soarer so I can use it in the meantime.
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I was watching this on e-bay but for me the fun is in the building of a car.I can't believe the builder didn't use the PPF.I better get my finger out and get started my V6 project.
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