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My New Rear End

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Finally got round to finishing the rear end of my UK Mk1


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looks good bro! It seems to be a common thing for MX5 owners to make their own Spoiler / lip - Im making one too
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But then, I am biased!! seriously though, thats come out really well... I'm getting jealous now, think I need to paint mine... or make a Carbon one to stay ahead!

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you appear to have augmented it with a roadster number plate panel and a fog light delete......

but it looks sooooo much better

got any pics from other angles?
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I'll take some more on the weekend if you like. Think we're tearing it off and re sticking it because my friend (who is a car painter) decided to stick it on wonky haha.
Looks great. Transformed and cleaned up without foglight.

Just like mine
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