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Hi guys, thought I would start a build thread for my newly acquired Eunos. I was after a clean MK1, a 1.8 with the torsen diff....and that's exactly what I picked up two weeks ago :thumb-up:

Not sure if the car will be known to this forum as I found it on the oc, I did spend some time looking and ended up getting this down in Norwich meaning an 8 hour drive home! It looks to be a very tidy S Special Eunos, imported in 2005 and mostly standard, it runs very well and is good fun as is but I do have some plans.... this is how it looks for now though;







I was impressed with the engine bay condition and the underside after seeing photos and was happy to make the long journey to collect it, there is a small bit of rust starting on the sills but they both seem completely original and solid.

As per the title I'm looking to make this a fast road and track car with the intention of starting to do some hill climbs/sprints and possibly the SLS at Knockhill. It almost seems a shame to start fiddling with such a clean car but it was the exact spec I was after and being so clean will make it easy to work on.

The initial plans are a roll bar, some additional braces, buckets and harnesses, a refresh of the brakes with some decent pads and then just enjoy it.... a turbo will no doubt be fitted later on down the line though. Currently it handles very nicely, as I'm sure some will have noticed it already has Meister coilovers, the newer CRD's, it also has a Cobalt cat back so makes a nice noise on the back roads however I'm looking forward to some better weather to properly learn its capabilities.

There are a few little issues to sort - mostly electrical (No rear fog, aerial won't retract, upper brake light wiring split, slow electric windows and battery needing secured) but that hasn't stopped me already getting on with some mods, a nice OMP targa 330mm steering wheel is the start of a slippery slope!...




And after:


I like my cars tidy so won't be ruining it with mods but look forward to making it more fun and capable on the road and track. :driving:

Current spec is as below which I'll keep updated:

Full spec list as of 24/02/18;

Eunos S Special, 1.8 with OEM Torsen diff, front strut brace and diff bracing


Timing set to 14deg

RSR 4 to 1 manifold (heat wrapped)

Cobalt cat back exhaust (heat wrapped)

2.25" Decat Pipe (heat wrapped)

Pipercross Viper Air Filter with cold air intake to scuttle panel

Coolant re-route

AC delete

Carbon canister delete

Superpro running gear poly bush kit (All wishbones and anti-roll bar bushes)

Superpro diff void fillers

Superpro steering rack bushes

Polytorq engine mounts

Il Motorsport track rods

Il Motorsport upper and lower ball joints

GC Fabrications GCR1 roll bar

GC Fabrications door bars

Meister CRD coilovers (with 9k front springs, 6 k rear)
Enkei RPF1-RS 15 x 8 with AD08R 195/50 tyres


Competition clutch stage 3 clutch

Competition clutch superlightweight flywheel

Roddison Front and rear pads

Standard Discs

Motul RBF600 fluid
Goodridge braided brake hoses

Corbeau clubsport seats

OMP Road 4 harnesses

OMP Targa Red special edition 330mm suede steering wheel

D1 Spec weighted gearknob

RAZO pedals

Sony headunit and uprated speakers

OEM Front splitter


TRS tow straps front and rear


Rear bumper cut

Optional OEM Hardtop (Soft top removed)

All comments and advice welcome!

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Looks like a really clean car, good find. :thumb-up2: One of the nicest colours in my opinion as well.

I've been looking at the Targa wheel for a while on Demon Tweeks, I know it is subjective but is it as nice to hold/use as it looks? Does it feel much smaller than standard?

Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store.

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That's a clean looking S special...
If you want any help or advice about getting started in hillclimbs and sprints drop me a pm or contact me through

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Looks like a really clean car, good find. :thumb-up2: One of the nicest colours in my opinion as well.

I've been looking at the Targa wheel for a while on Demon Tweeks, I know it is subjective but is it as nice to hold/use as it looks? Does it feel much smaller than standard?

Looking forward to seeing what else you have in store.
Thanks! Yeah it makes a change from the usual black s special anyway.

The targa is a very nice shape, nice and chunky and you may have noticed there are slight bumps on the outside of the wheel which locate your hands nicely. Only worry I have is with the suede finish as I've seen a lot of them worn away so need to try and treat it. It's also a very rough suede which makes it grippy but I had another wheel retrimmed by Royal Steering wheels and would say the suede they used is much nicer and possibly better quality.

It is definitely a better size and feel than the original Nardi though.

That's a clean looking S special...
If you want any help or advice about getting started in hillclimbs and sprints drop me a pm or contact me through
Cheers, I mightcontact you at some point, will be later on next year but I may come along to spectate at some rounds, I seen a few MX5's at Doune earlier this year so may well find you there!

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That looks like a very clean Mk 1 indeed!

I'm in the middle of a more comprehensive rebuild myself - a lot more rust to contend with.

You may well already be aware of this but if you're intending hillclimbing and sprinting you might want to have a look at:-

You can basically compete with a standard car and very little modification (particularly to engine) is permitted. A really friendly bunch of guys.

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Have you thought about the cooling requirements of your build?

We have all sorts of protection and performance sleeving for your oil/brake/fuel lines, gold and silver reflective tapes for your intake and titanium exhaust wraps for lower under bonnet temps.

Check our our trader section, we have some great product applications if you need some inspiration.

We look forward to any questions that you may have about how these may help you out.

Best Regards,

Funk Motorsport

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Update time... when I was looking for an MX5 before winter I expected to buy one needing a bit of TLC and general servicing however this one had a good service history and meant I didn't need to do much over the winter to get it ready for a bit of track work...hence the lack of updates.

I did sort the niggles mentioned above though;

  • Fixed electric aerial (Not exactly a fast road mod but nice to have it working even if though it will likely be stripped out later)
  • Rear fog wired into cluster
  • Wiring fixed to upper rear brake light
  • Secured battery with proper clamp

The previous owner had also fitted arm rests to the door cards which I wasn't keen on - they sit too low and it wasn't the neatest job:


So I decided to remove the armrest and do a simple retrim in black suede;


and then added a webbing door pull, like so:


Much tidier (and technically slightly lighter! :p)

Whilst poking about the engine I noticed a bit/quite a lot of oil down the back of the engine and gearbox after a bit of research it was obvious this was caused by the common CAS seal so I changed this and also adjusted the timing to 14degs in the process for a little more poke. The last bits in prep for my first track day were the gearbox and diff oils being also changed along with the shifter boots since these were torn.

I also had the dial surround flocked after noticing how bad the reflections from it were on the first sunny drive...


Amazingly another sunny spell followed so the hardtop and roof came off for the first time!



However it swiftly went back on after realising how much flex is reduced with the hard top on!


I then had my first track day at Knockhill in the Eunos this weekend and it performed faultlessly, I was very impressed with the handling and overall balance and once I gained some confidence was just keeping up with some of the other including Clio 172's and EP3 Type R's so not bad for being almost standard and more importantly it was great fun! The only issue was the brake pedal getting a bit long towards the end of the day but the actual braking strength was impressive for being standard, the wheels did end up a bit dusty though;



So I'm looking forward to the next track day already, I'll get the brake fluid changed to sort the long pedal then get a roll bar and buckets in to hopefully gain even more confidence and speed... for anyone who hasn't taken their MX5 on track I would highly recommend it, I think it's going to become very addictive!

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I managed to get a few shots of Snowy (yup it has a name :whistle: ) on track, looks not too bad...




Since the weather was nice the other week I also treated the Eunos to a few new bits;


Not exactly the most exciting or anything that will make it go much faster but at least it should help it slow down (and allow me to get owed out of the kitty litter if I bin it since the previous owner has removed the front tow hooks).

So I gave the brakes a bleed and fitted new nipples at the same time just incase any where a bit dodgy, happily it's in pretty good condition underneath although new brakes and bushes are needed plus a little tidy up.



Unfortunately when underneath I did notice that I do still have an oil leak, it's coming out of the weep hole on the gearbox so I assume this is the rear main crank seal? It seems to leak most when cold with the higher oil pressure as it didn't seem to leak at all during the trackday. I'll keep an eye on the oil level and carry on fitting more pointless parts for now...

The D1 spec knob was just because I'm a bit of a tart but it is slightly heavier and gives a nicer shift (or a placebo effect!)


With the tow strap on Snowy obviously now looks full #becauseracecar :rolleyes:




(The one for the rear is still in its packet)

Next up is fitting the rather large parts which have just recently arrived...

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Looks very nice, I also have a s-special, not quite as clean though.

How do the coilovers perform? I'm still on bilsteins and the springs seem way too soft on track for my tyres.

Be careful of those types of tow straps, PO put one on mine and it's buggered the paint underneath it.

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The coilovers are very good, all I did at the track was turn the damping up 10 clicks front and rear and it cornered pretty flat at that and was very well balanced. When I left I forgot to change them back but noticed immediately once on the road, pulled over and turned them back down and it does make a big difference still absorbs bumps pretty well on the road. I actually thought the springs may have been a bit soft for the track as they're the road biased CRD's but from the first one they seem good, maybe once I have semi slicks on I'll change my mind though!

I'll keep my eye on it but it is slowly going to become more of a track car (albeit hopefully still a clean one).

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Unfortunately I'm writing this when I should still be on a track day but I killed my brake pads on the second session which is rather annoying as I was just starting to enjoy the latest upgrades...

The large package that arrived previously was from GC Fabrications, a GCR1 and door bars -


I took advantage of the good weather (on a weekend for a change!) and made a start fitting it.

Firstly a strip down:




Weirdly half way through I found the fuel tank cover to be completely loose!? Thankfully all dry and rot free though.


Once stripped It was then onto hacking the "parcel shelf" with an angle grinder (and screwing down the tank cover), then the roll bar dropped in, after tangling it around the various wires. Happily it was a good fit;


Not so happily work was then halted as I was missing the bolts and spreader plates! Just after they arrived though another large box was also delivered, this one containing a pair of Corbeau club sports. I chose these as they look nice, are light being fibre glass shelled rather than steel and should fit ok with only a little fab work...



I finished fitting the roll and door bars then test fitted the seats:



Then set about making up some mounts. The seats come with sliding rails but these can be removed and the fixed side mounts used alone which keeps them lower, so I bent up some flat bar to bolt these to:


The drivers side is a bit of a pain as the rear bolt clashes with the mount but the passenger side fits well... or at least the mount does! The seat fits perfectly on the drivers side but on the passenger side it can't be pushed in towards the transmission tunnel enough so the wing leans on the door crash pad, a bit of fiddling may get it better but I'd already spent many hours making up the rails, at least the important seat is a good fit:




The harnesses came from my old car.. and wrapping them around the harness bar ended up being a pain in the arse also!


Overall I'm very happy with the seats though, they fit me nicely and have lowered the driving position which is what I was after - and obviously offer much more support, I'm a little bit more stretched than I'd like to reach the pedals though so will have a fiddle with the position.

Happily the roll bar fits nicely under the hard top still, I've left the folding roof in for now but will likely remove it after the summer.

So everything felt good for the trackday and I was enjoying not having to brace myself round the corners but unfortunately it didn't last long as the front pads that I thought would last one more track day starting grinding badly after 1 and a half sessions, the next round of upgrades starts with the brakes!

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I like this!

After my turbo is on I'm going to be looking at seats, these look like a good option. Nice and subtle.

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Cheers! Yeah I prefer them to the usual sprints or monacos, plus they're lighter being made of GRP rather than steel framed. They're a popular seat for track days too, lots of the clios have them, I managed to "try them on" in both sizes at the last track day!

Just need to try and get the passenger seat squeezed in a bit more...

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Thanks! The rollbar is fairly easy to fit but does take a while, once in it fits well though. As mentioned there are a couple of sections of the parcel shelf which need cut out where the roll bar legs go, once that's done (after all the plastic and carpet is removed) it's just a case of drilling the holes for it and bolting down.

There's a guide on gcfabrications facebook page, although it's for the normal GC roll bar not the GCR type which has the front legs mounted further forward.

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Only just under an hour to the track was ok doing that but I've adjusted the seat slightly as I was a tad far from the pedals, I've also been able to recline it more now so I think that will make it even better. I'm very happy with them.

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As mentioned my brakes got killed on the last track day I was on... evidence below:


I've opted for a set of Axxis ULT pads with the most basic of discs since the ULT's get good reviews on here. The brakes were nice and easy to change with all calipers free and clean and I'm quite happy with the condition of the car underneath, better than other newer cars I've had, makes it a lot easier to work on! I've only just bedded them in so no feedback yet but I have another track day on Thursday to give them a proper test:




Another pointless mod is the addition of a ducktail, I've been on and off the idea of fitting this for a while but finally went for it. To start with I still wasn't keen but much prefer the look with it on now:



(I also de-flapped it and added the rear tow hook for +1 race car points)

Unfortunately there was also an unwanted mod recently due to the poly tunnel in the photos above, in the stormy weather the other week (when I was of course on holiday) the tunnel took flight and did a jig on the Eunos' bonnet, It doesn't look bad in the photos but is fairly well scratched over the 3 panels:



It's probably a lot milder compared to what may eventually happen on track though.... with that in mind hopefully I don't have any mishaps on Thursday!

After that it's on to a few bits to maybe add a little more poke or more likely just noise...

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Well photobucket has buggered my build thread too so I'll get some photos moved later, for now here's a reminder of how my car looks, a couple of cracking photos from the last track day at Knockhill:



That trackday (well evening) went very well, the new brakes performed fine with no fade and good enough bite once up to temps, I think I still need to get the brakes bled slightly more but otherwise they were good. I was picking up my pace nicely throughout the evening and only had one brown trouser moment with a big lock up into the chicane! I ran for about 20 minutes solidly on track as I was enjoying it so much and the little Eunos didn't complain at all!

So my next track evening has just been booked for this Thursday, which of course means another round of upgrades before it. :yes:

I thought I may as well try and squeeze a little more straight line pace out of the Eunos since I can slow down better now, so firstly I got myself a decat from Dr MX5, I wanted a non-silenced one for maximum rasp and one matched to the Cobalt diameter;


Unfortunately they only make this in mild steel so I gave it a quick coat with high temp (BLACK??!) paint before sticking it on:


Not very black but fits well and gives a little more rasp.... whether it actually gives any more power though... :)

Next to help maximise all the new found power a bit of weight saving was in order, since it's a track car the aircon is the first to go. Obviosuly this saves a bit of weight, de-clutters the engine bay and should also improve airflow to the radiator.

So the engine bay started looking like this:



Then this lot fell out:



Leaving a nice empty space:


To further help keeping things cool on track I also decided to fit a coolant reroute kit from Skidnation;


The kit fits very well but is tight down the back!



This hose was no fun to get on... vaseline would've definitely helped first time round:


One last thing also had to go on before the engine got put back together, the first part of this involved making a hole...


Then fitting a bulkhead adaptor;



Allowing me to fit this freebie donated to me by a mate:




Everything went back together nicely and some fully synth fuchs oil and fresh coolant was added... only to find I the coolant leaking from both ends of the block! Firstly the adaptor didn't seat properly, then the no.1 heater hose split going back on to the new adaptor and the front blanking plate needed a bolt rather than stud to seal fully, on the third attempt (I'm good at fitting a coolant re-route kit now!) I was happily leak free.



So I now have a much tidier engine bay, a little less weight (circa 20kg) and possibly even a bit more power... on a quick test drive it did feel a bit perkier, and certainly has added waap and parp!

I'm hoping for a dry track evening on Thursday to kill off the current tyres :D
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