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My Diy Tsi

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Gave them a quick coat of paint today and a trial fit....very pleased!
Still some sanding to do to make them factory smooth but I need the car tomorrow so I had to get them at let fitted temporarily.
Ive relocated the Indicators to the old sidelight section and the sidelights are fitted in the the Golf headlights.

I cant decide whether to leave the indicators as they are, paint the edge black as per the regular MX5parts TSI or to lightly smoke them.

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looks really good nice 1 , leave em white
looks great, I'd leave them as is, if you tint them, or paint them in any way they will just look like the ones you can buy, leaving them as they are makes them look different
looking good

Have you got a closer pic, and a pic with the headlamps up?
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Any chance of a close up pic?
+1, might try myself
I'd go left field and say make them amber so they match the reflectors

Agreed with about the, look sweetttt
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