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Any colour, as long as its black.
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So, I may have fallen off the face of the earth/been abducted by aliens/been welcomed into a small Amish family/been buried alive or thrown on a load of make-up, met up with a nice young man called Paulo and run away to Thailand to "find myself". Whichever excuse you wish to brandish upon me one thing is for sure, I have been a complete and utter failure at updating my project thread on here! And for that I think I owe you all an apology. So sorry. I am shit.

Anyway, to make up for it, and to welcome any new followers into the ever-changing saga that is my little black Japanese rollerskate, I have decided to start right from the beginning, and run through the whole story from day dot. So sit back, relax, and get the wife/girlfriend/mother/dog to stick the kettle on and prime the biggest mug in the cupboard. Because this could be a lengthy one...

That said, if you do happen to be one of the 20% of people currently unemployed and/or an insomnious hermit, feel free to read through the previous 35 page marathon <here> to warm you up.


It all started out so innocently. The year was 2009. A grim rainy day in November to be exact, playing host to a little roadtrip from my native Swindon, around the 25, to Kent. Where a healthy wad of paper swapped hands for a lovely, mechanically perfect example of the legendary little Eunos Roadster. Imported five years previously the S-Special model had been very well maintained by its previous owner Liam, and treated to a set of 14" minilites, a Fujitsubo 4 branch and an MX5parts dual exit.

It drove home faultlessly, besides a kangaroo-spec CD player that mimic'd a typical students union DJ after a few too many shandy's. I abandoned it next to the sorry looking remains of my previous toy, a MK2 Golf Gti Valver, and went inside for a brew.


The next day, after fitting the obligatory Garage Vary front lip, I took it for a spin around the lanes, found a nice little spot to park up and pointed my camera at it. Here's a couple of examples that dropped off the memory card.



I wasn't really feeling the Minilites so I quickly swapped them with the wheels off of my Golf, lovingly dubbed the "clown wheels" by my Uni housemates. Phase one Mim Cups (prior to ATS taking over the mantra) in a 7x15 et20 flavour, shod with 195/45's, and refurbished in a diamond cut finish with gloss red detailing. Lovely jubbly.


Two weeks had now passed and the Bilsteins were doing my nut in. Not only were they sky-scraper high, but the damping on them was stiffer than a teenager in a whore-house. So off they came to be replaced with the scene-favourite bouncers, Racelands. A few hours of spannering and hitting stuff with hammers later and she was sitting pretty, a good couple of inches closer to the black stuff.


And a couple of days later, after some settling, and a few more turns on the platforms, she was even closer still.


I then got the autoglym out and gave her some shine, along with fitting a Carbing front hoop. Oh and somewhere along the line the front plate had mysteriously "fallen off"...





Winter happened, and I provided an essential public service to the residents of Wootton Bassett, as the trusty GV cleared many a road of snow.


Somewhere in between plowing sessions some scaffolding turned up. Specifically in the form of a Carbing 6-pointer, which then disappeared as quickly as it came, into the hands of my local powdercoaters, for a generous lick of red.


Whilst I was waiting for that to return I got cracking tarting up the rest of the interior. The previous owner had already sprayed the crash pads red, which brightened things up a bit. But I fancied something a bit more lairy. Step up the infamous red camo fabric! This took hours of hunting to track down, eventually coming from a little company in the states. Shipping it to these shores actually cost more than the material itself, thats how much I wanted it! The trimming was left in the expert hands of Mummy Godders, whilst I slaved over a hot stove in return. A damn good deal if you ask me! Whilst the covers were off I swapped the tired old paper pumpers for a shiny pair of Vibe co-axial's, linked to a Kenwood 2-way thrown into the boot. More than adequate to keep my ears happy in the moments when the exhaust rumble started getting tedious.




However, all this tomfoolery paled into insignificance once my Chistmas presents to myself came out the box and screwed onto the front of the car. A duo of RS Active low profile headlights. Still probably, to this day, my most favouritest modification of the whole build. This little chapter was made even sweeter due to the fact that neither me, nor the lad who sold them to me, had a scooby what they were. Resulting in me getting them for an absolute steal! And it wasn't til a good few months later that the penny dropped and I realised what I had landed myself. And I didnt stop grinning about it for days. Even so, when I first got the spanners out for them, I was so excited I couldn't even complete the job, let alone get the car into any kind of eye-pleasing state, before clicking the camera shutter!


Eventually I did get them both fitted, alongside the first ever Vindi ducktail to grace any car, anywhere! Treading the path followed by oh so many from then on.




And then I got it dirty again, standard. But I still rather like this photo, so it may as well feature.


Found a Pipercross sucker for a decent price and bolted that on:


Gave it a much needed clean and took some proper(ish) photo's. Pressed metal plates had also shown up somewhere down the line, along with an offset bracket for the nose end.




I really hadnt been happy with how the car was sitting for a long time, and was getting reallllly deep into the whole stance movement. So I knew I needed to up my girth game. I spent ages looking around for wheels to fit the bill, but I was so in love with the Mim's nothing really cut the mustard. So it was time to scour Ebay de Deutsch, and after several weeks these rolled through my front door...


Can you guess what they are yet?

Yep, I went with the wholeheartedly original choice of... drum roll... the same wheels. Well, technically not, aside from the obvious difference in spec (9x15 et10 on the rear) they are of course the ATS version of the famous Cup design. And have black bits. And were somewhat grubbier. I also threw some 25mm hubby's on the front to bring the 7's out to et -5.




But in any case. I was all set to get them tarted up in the same scheme as before and I purchased some new rubber in anticipation. 195/45 Toyo's for the back and 165/50 Bridgstone's for the front. Stretch Armstrong spec.

Rolled around on a mismatched set of shoes for a bit first though, due to time constraints postponing any refurbishment. This included a couple of trips to Combe and a photoshoot with Sara's MK2. Also invested in a new GV lip, after I trashed the first one when getting intimate with a roundabout at 90 degrees... and a pair of Skuzzles TSI's. The first un-illuminated pair to ever be fitted (Oh how I love being the first!)







Then, in mid-June 2010, I went on a little road trip. Returning a couple of hours later with a wallet full of air but a boot full of this:



That, for the less educated of you, is a Greddy manifold and downpipe, TD-04 Turbocharger, custom intake piping, oil lines, MSPnP ecu, Innovate Wideband kit, 320cc Supra Injectors, GM AIT sensor, sparkies, BOV and some other related paraphernalia. Known rather more concisely as... BOOST!

Unfortunately this all got packed back into boxes not long after these photo's were taken and stored on the fastest shelf in North Swindon, waiting for my bank balance to recover so I could buy the supporting gubbins to turn my paltry 115bhp into 200+.

In the mean time I was helping Alan (Tomcat) with his T25'd Mk1. We went down to see Greg at Protuner to get it mapped up on the rollers, which only made my boost cravings worse. But at least it was a chance to take some more photo's of mine!


A year or so of skipping around on the floor had finally goosed one of my front dampers. Credit to Raceland though, who sent me out a fresh pair completely free of charge! So obviously when putting these ones on I went for a more sensible height for added longevity... Except did I hell, instead I binned the helpers and put the bumpstops on a diet, because obviously my front subframe hadnt taken enough punishment yet...



Japfest 2 was then on the menu, where I picked up a tasty 330mm Nardi deep corn. Which is, without exaggeration, the second nicest thing I've ever held in my hands. It is absolutely lovely. I may well propose.





And so, this was when things took a bit of a turn. An extra strong, uncensored, yeast extract kind of turn. In a overwhelming fit of impulse, I bought this:


I swapped my ducktail'd rear for a plain black bootlid, got the set squares out, and screwed it on. Hardboard risers were the order of the day, as I experimented with different levels of homosexuality, finally deciding on a full blown Dale Winton. I then translated this into a CAD file which was sent off to go under the laser.



Whilst waiting for those to turnaround, I finally decided to get my arse into gear and refurb my hoops. And instead of the initially planned red and shiny scheme, I instead went full on mass-murderer, gloss black on gloss black on gloss black. With a bit more black. And some red in the middle.


The risers turned up. And the rubber got fitted on the morning of Edition38. I always love cutting things fine! And my little gay car on steroids shot up the A420, ready to make the Volkswagen masses heads explode. I fully expected a sea of hatred to be tsunami'd upon me, but from the moment I rolled through the gate and scraped into the campsite, I was greeted by open-mouthed amazement and compliments a-plenty. Without even trying it seemed I had pulled off the impossible, and broken into the German-blinkered clique, flying a massive Japanese flag, and not only dodged the gunfire, but been offered a beer and a night with the Fuhrer's daughter. How'd you like them äpfel? At least Rory was there to offer an allegiance even if the tables had turned!




Any colour, as long as its black.
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Once home I had a week to play with before my first venture to JAE. The super-stretched elastic bands that now adorned the wheels, had opened up a rather unsavoury amount of arch gap. This meant only one thing. More lows were needed. So more lows it got. A few too many to begin with, causing mass carnage when exiting my not-particularly-steep driveway. So much so not even the JDM-est of JDM angles could overcome it.





As sensational as it did look, I decided I would rather use my car for its intended purpose, rather than an expensive, oversized garage ornament. So it came up a couple of threads all round again, and rocked up to Northampton in a trail of sparks and a cabin full of grins. Although getting fully beached on one of the speedbumps getting into the show, right outside the bar no less, was hardly my finest hour!





Also went and taunted some more Volkswagen's at Players:


Eventually I tired of having to drive like an old lady yet still laying frame absolutely everywhere, so I raised it up again. Only 10mm on the rear platforms, which sounds very little but actually made a hell of a difference. It drove so much better, and I think it actually looked better too, with a more aggressive nose-down stance. Then it set into old winter daily hack mode again. With a bit of snow plowing thrown in for good measure.



The new year bought with it some new goodies. First off the arrival of a Cobra Monaco S stool mated to some 3" TRS strapping. I had really missed having a harness, after dailying my Mk2 Golf with one for nigh on 2 years, so it was a very welcome addition, and one I definitely should have done sooner.


Not an update as such, but a reunion with some university mates for a little play/photo session, brought this photo into existence. It is still, to this day, my favourite image of the car, and to prove this fact it has been my facebook profile picture for over a year now. And I could still sit and stare at it for hours on end!


And then it was time to wave goodbye to the shiny black shoes. As much as I loved them, and boy did I love them, I was craving more girth up front and a little more practicality (aka less poke and less diagonal sidewalls) so they just had to go. But not before posing for one last photo...


In the mean time, whilst patiently waiting for their replacements to hit UK soil, I rolled on a couple of borrowed pairs of wheels which, frankly, looked a bit shit! But obviously I had to document this fact for good measure. The more eagle-eyed of you may also spot the additional aero adorning the front, which I'll explain shortly.


Whilst still patiently waiting these turned up, as a treat for my bruised and battered chassis rails. Fantastic bits of kit I have to say, would recommend them to anyone and everyone running a low 5.


So, more on the cannards, which also happened whilst still waiting patiently for my new wheels. I actually made the prototypes for these way back in 2010, using the trusted cardboard and gaffa tape technique (still waiting on my Blue Peter badge). They knocked about in the back of the garage for a few months before I decided to source a sheet of carbon and fab them up properly. They turned out pretty well I think considering the minimal expenditure!


I also ripped the rear bumper off to modify, and very nearly modified it into the bin as I was really digging the bare behind look! But alas, it did eventually get bolted back on, albeit with several fewer fixings!


Finally, after yet more patiently waiting, a quartet of big square boxes dropped onto my doorstep. They contained a set of Rota grid V's, in 15x8 et0 guise. They were part of the first shipment of gunmetal and polished flavour in the country and incidentally the first set to be bolted onto a car, with the help of a 195/45 T1R on each corner.



I then met up with Bruce, and drove under a truck. As you do.



Broke my second GV lip, but fortunately this time it was repairable with some drift stitching. Red zip ties for extra scene points.


Also ditched the front plate again, after running it for a token few months, as it was pretty pointless having it blocking 90% of the air to one of the cannards! At which point a friend of mine found it worthy enough to point his camera at. Cue more shameless whoring.



I had basically wanted a set of HSD's since day one, so when a set came up 2nd hand at a very good price, I just had to have them, even if it meant digging into the bank of Daddy Godders in exchange for some labouring work. And it was worth it in spades (pun intended). Even off the car they are things of sensational beauty. And once they were gracing each corner I was instantly kicking myself for not making the leap sooner. They are, with no exaggeration, absolutely incredible. I still regard the Racelands as one of the bargains of the century. But putting them up against these is like tossing Bruce Forsyth into the ring with Muhammad Ali. It is simply day and night.




Even sitting on it's sills, tucking sidewall like its going out of fashion. It rode absolutely beautifully. Nimble, poised, and soaking up undulations and poor surfaces with little to no drama. Oh and I finally got my grubby mits on a hardtop too. At the very height of summer of course.



Then, when giving a lift to a friend down some particularly savage B roads, the inevitable finally happened. Bang, crash, clatter, an explosion of blue smoke... All as a great big chunk of sump made a bid for freedom, and all my oil fell out.



A right old mess it made too, but you know what they say, if you're gonna do it, you may as well do it properly!

And this brings us up to the end of the last thread, with me and my compadre Kyle, also joined at this point by his brother in an equally stupid Beetle, sitting on a wall in the arse end of nowhere, waiting for my personal breakdown service to arrive with a tow rope, a TDI, and a big old dose of "I told you so".

The date is the 19th of May, the year 2011. And it seems as good a place as any to click that big blue 'post topic' button currently residing at the bottom of the screen. Chapter 2 of the saga, detailing my trials and tribulations of the next 10 months, will follow soon. And this time I really do mean soon, contrary to the many empty promises delivered previously! But for now I shall let you take a breather. Go and stretch your legs, perhaps take a shower, cook a meal, whatever it takes to get you refreshed and revitalised, ready for the next instalment of Amazingly Heterosexual Jdm Tarmac Terrorism.

Over and out.

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someone got absolutly slated off this site for a car which practically looked the same as this (similar driveway too)? i see no difference other than you had more money it seems to put into the pit due to the mods you post about.... nice cage though.

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Ah! I was wondering who K505PHU belonged to...
A picture of your rear end cropped up the other day when I was searching for Big Rear Wings, but the most interesting part was your rear diffuser.

Please post the full story of the diffuser (sourcing/fitting/bumper mods/etc.)

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I really don't understand the hovercraft ride height scene thing, and as I am turning 40 this year, I am too old to learn new tricks, but just wanted to post and say what an enjoyable, well written story. Raised a smile reading that, thank you.


watch this...
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LIKE... (wouldn't want it as my car ) epic story telling

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I think this is actually my favouritest MX5 ever.
The big version of that pic of yours and Rory's just made me sit there and go... wow. When I first saw it.
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