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I think 92 is the cutoff year in the UK for Cats. If they were fitted from the factory then they should be present for the MOYT, however I did find this through a google search and if yous is an import you should be fine without a cat.

Spark ignition cars first used on or after 1 August 1992 are subject to a Basic Emissions Test (BET) regardless of whether a catalytic converter is fitted or required. In the event that the BET is failed, it becomes necessary to reference both the MOT Inspection Manual, Section 7.3 and the In Service Exhaust Emission Standards for Road Vehicles publication (Emissions book). The MOT Inspection Manual is available on-line at 32 and the Emissions book at 74

For vehicles first used between 1 August 1992 and 31 July 1995, if there is an exact match for the vehicle in the Emissions book, then a full cat test must be carried out. Where this is the case, the vehicle must have a catalytic converter fitted or it will fail, regardless of the result of the emissions test.

If there is not an exact match in the Emissions book, then the vehicle will be subject to a non-cat emissions test (two gas test). Where this is the case, the vehicle is not required to have a catalytic converter fitted for MOT purposes, regardless of whether one was originally fitted.

I am unable to provide an answer specific to a particular vehicle as you have not provided any details of such. However, assuming you have the relevant Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can easily check for yourself using the link to the Emissions book and referencing page 70 of Section 1 (page 86 of the pdf). The Mazda VDS number is the 4th to 9th digits of the VIN.
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