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Following on from Hooligan's Big Meet Thread, just wondered if we could get a world record attempt in the bag.

The MR2s that did it, there were 227 on track at the same time. So we would have to beat that obviously.

Would there be enough interest for this to go ahead? It would have to be on one of the race tracks, a fairly large one at that, as we would need to drive for 2 miles within 2 car lengths of eachother. Possibly an air strip but would need to see if that counted.

Costing wise, depending on numbers it would go down, as would need to rent a track (will contact MOT) and the GWR people want 2k to have a judge there and all that business but I would imagine it would be in the region of about 20 quid a car.

UPDATE: Nick and the team at MoT have kindly offered to let us piggy back this on another event that they are organizing, so we now have a confirmed venue. The track has been spoken to and they are up for it as well. Everything is still in early talks but it is looking good
. Remember guys are target is 250 cars. It will be more of a massive meet and Mazda show with a record attempt thrown into the mix so fun to be had by all for sure. More details as and when they are available. The track in question is Blyton Park in Lincolnshire. It is near as makes no difference the middle of the UK and will accommodate all the cars with ease. Worked out we can easily get over 500 cars on there if we get that many.

UPDATE: There is a major update due this week which has made this list redundant, it has done it's job. The website should be online shortly to get tickets

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The event is confirmed with the landlord and we are all systems go.

Blyton Park in Lincolnshire is the where, 28th of August is the when. I have been told by Mazda on Track that they will be making the major announcement on their website this coming week, and you can get the tickets for the event to confirm your place at the record.

The list has served it's purpose. No more adding to lists. When the website is done it will be announced and everyone can get their tickets

List so far

1. Mr. S. Hill
2. Frank
3. Azura
4. Tazz
5. RobLyon
6. Hooligan
7. JayJay
8. TheDinkyToy.
9. chrisgunton
10. Pantera
11. Don Phil
12. tattoo-ron
13. genericguy
14. Dave-M
15. Barry Spiers (see post 52)
16. greendrifter
17. b0builder
18. tucka
19. jimgreen83
20. Andy449
21. Milemuncher
22, Yetidragon
23. Metalligator
24. AaronR
25. Skuzzle
26. Mazdachris
28. ColdsideBrett
29. Joem
30. DNKPets
31. MX5 2LAG
32. Freaky Roadster
33. Lazza
34. Minty
35. Cordivar
36. Adamred5
37. Graham
38. mx5pmp
39. Woody27
40. Michael
41. Michael's +1
42. SidewaysSte
43. Fr3n2y
44. Blaize
45. caddie
46. Locke-alike UMA
47. Mrs-ALike Sparkle
48. Mr Wolf (Mark)
49. Bigfootisblurry
50. skir67
51. Chrisimp
52. dixon206
53. MisterG
54. Jazzyb
55. friendly1_uk
56. BigBoned
57. niggle
58. Vindi49
59. Dan1981
60. CatfishCKY
61. slipp3ry333
62. Gizmo
63: Robie
64: thewildblue
65: mxslide
66. Billywink
67. Dorset_guy
68. DavesBRG5
69. mazda5turbo
70. Gina
71. devcaka
72: Zeo
73. MrC
74. Skuzzle
75. budhilton
76. Jamie
77. Jamie's Sister
78. Alan and Marion Parker
79. Ruby

was b0builder
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i am up for that if it can be arranged

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Maybe our foreign members (looking at the french here) could be brought into this with their local clubs, an international record attempt.

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I think an evening drive around the M25 will be brilliant. We could all join at various times at various junctions. If we do it for a charitable cause (Say Great Ormond Street Hospital) we would get TV and newspaper coverage for free. This would be the worlds longest 'convoy'.

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Count me in!

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This could be great, the only problem with any meets is that theree will usually be a number of people who drop out in the last days/hours. So in terms of breaking a record it could be pretty tricky. If we do this in the summer months count me in as ill be off work

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I'm up for it

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i'm up for some record breaking
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