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Mx5 Specialist Near Ipswich?

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Just wondering if someone could recommend somewhere for me to take my mx5 once ive set up my supercharger to have it all checked and set up plus i could do with my tracking/camber/castor checked and adjusted. The closer to ipswich the better really.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi mate will have a word with my mate juicy55 as we are from colchester ,i'am get full kit from Mr fast so mine will need setting up once fitted too ,there's some one near will find out
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Just forgot to say, love the color of your car looks sweet
Awsome,good to hear theres someone close by. ive made a start fitting mine. Run into a fuel small problems at the moment. struggling to find how the diagonal bracket bolts on from the front of the super charger. But also whre all the small vaccum pipes go for fitting the jackson racing afpr. Need to know where to set the timing at aswell.
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