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Mx5 Parts De Cat

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Hey guys,

with the imminent install of my SC im thinking about a decat for my 97 1.8. Im aware of the mot issues etc.

However, is it that much louder than standard.
I hate raspy sounding exhausts, I lie deep burble.

Is this part a bad move for me to free up the system a bit given the sound issues.

Thoughts appreciated.

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It'll be louder, though how it sounds depends on the rest of you exhaust system.

For example, until recently I had mine in combination with a standard manifold and a Mx5parts twin backbox- the system was loud and boomy with a harsh boom, though some of that is due to the back box. Then I changed to a 4-2-1 manifold and now the whole system has quietened down with a much warmer tone!
Nope I had one on my 92 Supercharged Mk1. It wasn't loud. I had a standard backbox though.
Ohh i should add, i have a Mazdaspeed (4-2-1 I think) manifold and a racing beat single cat back.

I dont mind a little louder, I dont mind deeper - I guess its all subjective though.

I hate raspy sounding exhaust systems.
Should sound great then, I doubt the Decat will make it sound raspy!
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