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Hello all new to the mx5 scene
but have been hankering after one for a while
previous car was a track spec mk1 golf gti now looking to get a decent spec mx5 for a daily and track day car.I have come across this one and would like to know peoples thoughts on it any help would be great as i would like a viewing but not to sure what to look for.Thanks in advance
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Looks good to me. Nice RS model so bit more powered than the normal spec, also should have the LSD which might be useful if you want it as a track toy. Doesn't have a roll bar but you could add that. Price is reasonable, and there's a pic of him using it on a track so I guess it can be. Also Mk2s are better daily drive cars I think, so could double up as that. Doesn't list many mods but that's not always a bad thing, for insurance for example.
It depends what you want really.

I don't like white and whilst the 6 speed is nice its not essential by any means.

I also prefer Mk1's.

If you like white Mk2's and want one that is a little special then its ideal.

For a track car I'd either buy one done or buy a cheap car I'd modify myself.
Thanks for the replies
have looked around and there are not many ready done mx5 track cars for sale
especially around the 3500 mark this one just seems like a good base extra power lsd 6 speed i presume it has an lsd
It sure does have an LSD, thats Steves car, the guy can really drive and always beats us on Autosolos. He is very sad to see it go.
cool sounds good if its still for sale sunday might go and view it then
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You know I have no love for white cars but..... A white car is just crying out for vinyl wrap/stickers in allsorts of gharish colours and could look very very cool.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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