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Mx-5 Wannabe!

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Hello all!

Just thought I would introduce myself on here.

Currently, looking around for a nice Mk1 to use as a daily driver. Change of circumstance at work means having to downgrade from my Skyline (a reluctant sale!) and decided I still wanted a bit of RWD fun. My head says sell the Skyline first but my heart keeps me looking at 5's for sale!

Will most likely go down the route of a lightly modded example. Found quite a few on here and on pistonheads but just trying to work out what I really want. One question that may help me on my way (probably first of many), whats the 'real world' difference between a Mk1 1.6 and 1.8. There is obviously a power difference but I have heard that the 1.6 is revvier (is that a word??!) which might be more fun.

Anyway, enough typing. Hello to everyone and I hope to join you all in MX-5 ownership soon.

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Hi mate welcome to nutz ,i have mk1 1.6 i was told by my mate that there's nothing in it but you are Right the 1.6 rev's more, so will work perfect when i fit a MR FAST supercharger kit, he is on this forum and is worth a look thats if you don't buy one with one already fitted. it would be nice for that bit more power!!!
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Thanks for the welcome. I've already seen a couple of turbo'd 1.6's for sale and been very tempted. It will be a shame to lose the feeling of forced induction but I think it will be an NA to start with.
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