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Mw2 Stimulus Map Pack!

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Anyone else hitting F5 on their download queue while at work with the xbox360 switched on at home?

Rumour has it that 1pm was the GMT release time but it's still not showing up
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lmfao i still dont have the damn game yet!!
Is there a release date for the PS3 pack?
I gave in and bought it despite the stupid cost. So far i haven't been able to play a single new map, and the only game i've been able to join was someone on my friends list who was already playing.


Well done IW!
Seems MS/IW made a reet cockup of this... something about releasing the map pack before the game update required to play it

Im waiting till its 600msp in a few weeks (just like the [email protected] pack went to) - besides MW2 sucks monkey balls compared to BC2 anyway
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The PC version of the map pack is freeeeee... mwuhahahaa
played it , while quite cool not worth the money
I agree, it's too expensive for what it is.

The problems were that MS QC every piece of DLC before allowing it onto the marketplace. It was sent to MS from IW and MS said somethings needed to be sorted. IW acknoledged this and worked out the issues in the background before submitting it back to MS. Meanwhile back at MS headquarters, someone pushed the button and released it onto the marketplace
Idiots. (This is according to a mate who works as a tester at EA in Madrid)

The update fixed the issues and I've been fine on it since the night it was launched.
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