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Enter the barcode from the back of your item and the site gives you a valuation they will payout on receipt of the item (postage is free). It works a lot like that mazumamobile site.

My advice is don't bother, as you will only receive pennies for your DVDs and CDs, you'd be better off selling them privately or donating them to charity.

Some examples of valuations:

Resident Evil Extinction, DVD, excellent condition, £0.30
Godskitchen GlobalGathering, 3 CD, excellent condition, £0.50
Mirrors Edge, PS3, excellent condition, £1.69
Blade Runner The Final Cut, Blu-Ray, £2.40

May be worth your while if you have a ton of crappy old albums taking up space and you just want rid though!
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I thought similar but after putting in my barcodes for a few cd's and DVDs I tought it pointless.

You would get more for your games if you took them back into Game. At least you get points to use up.

Like you say Andy nice if you have a ton of old stuff you want to get rid of but not a moneyspinner.

Mazumamobile isn't bad though if you have half decent phones. We put in a couple of Blackberrys and got over ?200. Nice if you don't need them.
Yes it makes you wonder what the poeple in their adverts are selling as they seem to end up with wads of cash
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I put in a brand new album that came out the other day and got ?1.27 for it
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