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Mountain Bike Tech Help!

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Right, I'm off to Arran tomorrow for a cycling trip and I borrowed an old HardRock with shimano index shifters for the other half to use. The trouble is that the rear derailer can only select the two largest cogs, the adjusting barrel at the rear seems totally seized but even when I adjust the cable using the clamp on the derailer I can still only move up or down once, albeit on a smaller cog. I've slackened the high limit adjust but it made no difference. Could the cable be stretched?

Cheers for any help!
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I think the index might be damaged as even when I remove the cable from the rear derailer completely, it can still only click up and down once..
If you release the cable tension completely and pedal, does the chain fly down to the smallest sprocket? If it does, then this tells you the derailleur is moving okay and isn't seized.

Back off the high and low limit screws all the way and see if that helps.

And I've just seen your 2nd post about the suspected knackered shifter... I'm afraid if that's borged, then it isn't something that can be fixed quickly. But it's worth checking the cable routing into the shifter and that it isn't fouling the mechanism.
Thanks Ben, when I removed the cable, the chain did go all the way to the bottom, in fact as I had the limit screws really loose, it came off the cog, so that all seems as it should. I am now quite sure it's the shifter that's knackered. I'll try and settle the chain to sit somewhere in the middle of the cassette range so it can at least be usable tomorrow.
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