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Mk2 Top Mounts On A Mk1

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Just wondering if Mk2 top mounts will fit on a mk1, and if so will they change the height?
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Search is your friend, this has been covered loads of times!
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15mm drop WIM do a kit with bearings ....

15mm drop WIM do a kit with bearings ....

IIRC the WIM pillow ball mounts are for adjustable shocks only, not OEM shocks!
Sorry, that didn't work for some reason.

Anyway, easy to search old posts.
Again, from the words of Tony at WIM further down the linked page:

"Point i may have missed is the mounts only fit 2 1/4" springs so, Cusco, Tein, GAZ, and so on, not the OEM coils "
That said,

Take your mk2 top mounts to WIM and they will fit it to mk1 shocks and the overall cost will be less then getting those fatcat ones.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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