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WTF ??

“Who is this old man staring back at me from the mirror?” I thought.

Woke up early to find the front of my house plastered in birthday banners

I guess Sally was here at 5.00 in -3’C weather, on her way to work to decorate the house.

How did I suddenly become 60 years old?

She bought me a perfectly useful birthday prezzie though.

900w grinder, the 115mm model.

Fish and Chips planned for dinner then promptly cancelled and moved to Friday night as her lodger needed a ride to the station, 9 miles away.

So I had a crappy budget pizza and some fish fingers with too much mayo for dinner.

Special weekday treat tonight….. some Fireball for desert.


(Well, a very hot and eager 21 year old would be perfect really)

But the teenager looking at the old guy in the mirror does not have so many options anymore.

Still, LIFE is GOOD.

Trust me.

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So in today’s exciting episode, work proceeded in 0’C or 32’F on the drive, with a chilly light breeze to accompany proceedings.

So this is how it started.

Drained the water from the cooling system.

Replaced with Antifreeze and deionised water.

Also in attendance for the whole procedure, including starting up and running the motor for a while, was George.

Clearly taking his new job seriously.

Earlier in the day, mate Martin and I had met in a layby so I could raid his scrap bin in his van……

I was headed to my local nut n bolt guy to get some bits to create an adjustable stop for the gas pedal to push against the firewall.

This should do the job, once shaped, cut to size and welded in place.

So not much done, but a whole lot more than if I had sat indoors drinking coffee and eating cookies.

Small jobs need to be gathered and completed.

One by one.


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Wrapped up a busy week early yesterday and went to the shop to retrieve the dash and vinyl etc, to bring it into the house so it can warm up vs the 5’C in the garage.

With the final (or is it really) electrical fault found and repaired under the dash, it meant the wiring can be strapped back, tidied and generally worked away from.

I very quickly realised that the cold makes everything stiff, and awkward to work with, so walked away from it before breaking something.

Instead I started the Rezin Rockit and let it run for about 20 minutes.

Seems to be all the cooling hose joins are sealed including @nickwheeler ‘s awesome repair elbow.

I did notice also that there was a drop of sweet smelling oil at the differential and propshafts join. Hardened seal? Damage?


After packing up because of the cold and nothing else to get done I mwent back to the house, just in time to sign for these.

Ordered on Sunday.

So I made myself a quick coffee, checked work emails and headed back to the garage because I now had something to do.

Replacements for these

I did panic for a moment, thinking the threads were too long

Amazing what a bit of force can get accomplished.

Also locked down the 4x108 to 4x100 adapters and spacers as a final check on the wheels.

These black bolts are not great, but better than the chrome that was these.

Centre caps of some description still need to be figured out.

After the rears, I decided to check and lock in the front adapters and spacers.

Had to roll the car onto a some bits of wood in order to get my jack in under the front crossmember.

This thing actually is really low.

Weekend may see a few more bits getting wrapped up as well.

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Late start for @nickwheeler and I today.

I had to go 25 miles from here to the other side of Maidstone to go look at something.

Then back here, run about and get so e stuff sorted and also prepared.

With all the cold recently, the carport has a ton of condensation, as did the S10 for some reason, leaving the inside of the windscreen fogged up.

So I opened the door and left the truck to breathe.

Coming out the house later, I saw this……..

Yup, someone likes the sun and a soft pad, it seems.

Back to the Rezin Rockit, some more small jobs left to get wrapped up.

First thing was to create a mounting point for a return stop for the clutch.

Welded in place and, trying to help, I also managed to get the other spring from last weekend, hooked into the pedal and mounted to the steering column.

It has a really soft, firm return action.

Another “double check” job was to see that the second “reverse lense” was not actually in use, as the plan was to convert it to a rear fog light, till I discovered the slimline unit I had stashed away and that got fitted.

Another job for today was to tidy away the wiring loom and to extend a few wires so nothing was under tension.

Just on bolting down an earth, it ended up in Nicks hand, so a quick tacking with the welder saw. Progress.

While he was at that job, I made him extremely happy.

Removed all of this…….

So we wrapped up around 6.30pm

At which tome the chill was creeping into our bones.

Nick headed home, I came indoors, warmed up some leftover food and settle down.

George who was watching me all afternoon, settled down next to me.

Weekend over again.

Just like that.

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Looking for a single Vauxhall Nova rear tail light lens.

The pic is of a European spec lens with the foglight lense at the bottom, UK spec may have a clear reverse lense.

That is not important.

I just need a complete one.

Please PM if you have one to sell, donate or trade.

Thank you.
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