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So after doing the sills, I refitted the wheels, got it on the floor, refitted the floor mat and seats

Then washed it as it was a bit grubby.

While cleaning it I found the rear wiper was dead, and needed replacing, so ran into the local village to grab a replacement.

Motor factors is adjacent a fish and chip shop.

That smell is irresistible, especially the smell of vinegar as well.

So I treated myself.

I hate eating in my car and as a rule do not allow it, a lesson learned 30 years ago.

But the smell got me to cheat.

Pensioners portion is a massive pile of chips and a smaller size piece of Cod.

All for £3.50 which to me is still a bargain.

After my fishy dinner, I checked up the car’s ULEZ status.

This is another London Stealth Tax.

If you read what you are paying £14.00 per day to cross a certain road boundary. (I actually drive outside the zone going to one of my hospitals, down the South Circular and technically inside coming back.


The Micra is Exempt from that coat, so saves an owner £280.00 or more per month.

Crazy Crazy this whole stealth taxation system.


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Got home early from work by 3.15

Shuffled some cars around before even getting out of my work clothes.

Took the Micra up to the farm road for a quick test run, makes it a whole 1.5km test run, not even a mile.

Really nice little car to be honest. Feels deceptively bigger than its size implies.

It started to rain softly, but I hit the brakes at 40mph a few times……

Decent lock up on the left rear.

I do hope that it is a bit better on the rollers at the test at 4.00pm tomorrow afternoon.

Back home I parked everything up.

Makes my driveway look like a South London Car salesman’s home.

I hope it is all good tomorrow.

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When one solution creates another problem.

Pumped all the tyres up this morning and took the Micra for a drive, suddenly the brakes worked perfectly, steering is straight.

Unequal tyre pressures clearly affect performance, reminder there.

Got home and thought I would drop both electric windows.

Drivers side, perfect behaviour.

Passengers side……. Worked last week. Today……. FCK FCK FCK ! Partially opened, then managed to get it closed,,sounds like the glass has jumped the rail.

Any experience or advice on short notice? No, crushing is not an option.


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MOT Pass.

Comment from tester was that it is a very clean car for 21 years and 130k miles or 210000km

Now of course, having kept my job and company car it will be surplus.

All up in the air.


Also no advisories, which is cool.



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Of course being as it was bought to use when I lost my company car with the redundancy, and everything now back to “normal” it has become surplus to my requirements.

So it needs to go back into the market, ULEZ exemption should appeal to some as well.

And a flashback, held back initially.

Looks a lot better now.

Still a 21 year old with it’s fair share of damage and scruffiness.

Someone will hopefully find it useful.

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Mate Craig sent a pic this morning at 06.00 when he was about to leave after filling his tow vehicle.

Yesterday he ran 40 miles into Wales to collect this little “gift” and 210 miles coming down to me today, then 35 to load a bunch of industrial shelving, back here again…… followed by a Turkish dinner tonight and headed home early tomorrow morning.

That is a bit of a trip.


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Congrats on keeping your job, mustve been stressful.

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Hi Boosted, I would say yes, absolutely.

Been there before 7 years ago, and 11 years ago, never fun.

Getting older (60 in January) also starts to count against you.

And I am a single earner for this mortgage etc, so no family or other backup, except for taking in lodgers when they are doing maintenance at the local power station.
Certainly not ideal.

When the announcement was made in mid August, I chose not to react or go looking for another job, because they were creating 1/3 of the number of new roles, and I hoped for an invitation to interview.

Thankfully it worked out for me.

But not for many others.

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So the Micra sold, to a good friend.

As backup for their family fleet.


Some friends do love to spend your money for you.

So when Serendipity smiled upon the planets and @craigrk sent me this Marketplace ad for another dubious item I coveted for a long time, while it lined up with the purchase of a load of serious industrial racking and shelving from “Deleted Profile”, plus collecting a load of American and bootfair stuff from my place, I had to take a look.

1994 Westwood 1012 - £100

The actual description read:

Westwood 1012 ride on mower/yard tractor 12.5hp Briggs and Stratton Engine £100

Photos as posted in the ad.

Yup, confidence inspired, so I said to Craig how far from his home, keeping in mind he is 205 miles from here.

Oh, not far, about half an hour, just into Wales.



That was Tuesday morning..

Sellers reply to Craig: SORRY, SOLD, Collection this afternoon.


Photos from the ad.

Craig was in London for work by this time, till Thursday evening.

Late afternoon he texted to say seller messaged to say “available again”

No, there are no alarm bells here….l move along.

So I repeated……. Yes please, buy and collect it.

Seller agreed to Craig collecting Friday night after work.

I was excited……. At least the odds of me getting something was better than winning the lottery.

So I patiently waited.

Yeaaahhh Right.

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So, while Craig made some major business decisions and transactions in the Big Smoke and ate meals worth a small African countries GDP and shared his views…..

I did my day job, got a great email from my agency (about money) and got inquisitive and impatient about this thing I was hoping to buy.

So I messaged Emma, the seller to ask for some better photos.

I was being hopeful here, and did not identify myself as the actual finacier…..

So promptly I got these……

Followed by these.

Much better than the ones in the ad, you will agree.

They confirmed to me mainly that it seemed intact, the body was in really good condition for a 28 year old tractor.

Also, very importantly, in fact most important, that it was a steel bodied tractor.

I have been offered very kindly before, a complete, running lawn tractor by a very good man, but declined because it was modern plastic bodied one.

In retrospect of course, one could make up some body, or add a Dodgem body over it with some supports.

I forwarded the pics to Craig, without explanation and he assumed that I had pulled them off the internet.

When I told him on Thursday that it was the actual tractor, he was pretty chuffed for me.

I had hoped that the small trailer I recently tidied up and put new tyres on, would fit it, but it is longer and wider, so I have popped it onto FB marketplace for a trade or for sale, in order to get something a bit bigger or ideally a flatbed chassis that will take the tractor and on decent sized wheels like the 14” this one has fitted. Behind the Rezin Rockit.


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Got this pic from Craig on,Friday night when he was leaving Wales…..

Saturday morning at Stupid-0-Clockthis was happening.

In order to get this trip going.

By 9.30 Craig was here and we undid the tractor to get it off the trailer.

Maybe not so obvious, but a complete non runner, no key etc……

But I had to give it a go….

Size fit.

After the unload, without even a coffee, we headed out to “Deleted Profile” to go get this lot loaded.

The inside of the ML was also loaded to the roof.

Great seeing the man a few hours, and loading a load of extra sh!te he had put aside for my shop.

Shared between Craig and I later.

By 13.00 we were loaded and headed back to my place, via a service station to pump the trailer wheels.

Coffee and a pan full of fried sausages and fresh bread for a late lunch.

Followed by packing more sh!te into the ML.

Then down to the garage to play for a while.

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Back home from “Deleted Profile” we packed more stuff into Craigs ML, amd while he rearranged the load on his trailer, I cooked some sausages for lunch.

After which we put the HOPEMOBILE onto some ramps and axle stands.

Battery had changed and trying to start it failed.

Cowl hinge attachment points were partly missing, so just rested in place.

I also removed all the LED’s from the cowl.

Wiring and a switch box will be next, once I figure out how and what needs removing.

Craig had a quick nap……

Removing the flywheel and cooling fin cover as well as the starter motor cover exposed why, despite a screwdriver in the ignition, it would not start.

Having offered Sally, who was working from 6.00am on Sunday, and Craig dinner, we messed around briefly after seeing problem no 1 and then made a hard stop, closed shop and pushed the tractor under cover.

Dinner was very good, and the company great.

I had also moved Scruffy, the Micra up the alley till Craigs son collects it.

So a busy day, and good weekend all together.

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Busy weekend with yardwork and “Decorating”

Short video clip showing the tractor being abused by the previous owners brother.

So it certainly used to go…….

This week I was also given/offered another non runner…….

And a spare seat and some better wheels for the one I have.

Thank you to “Unknown Member” who can make himself known here, should he want to.

Needs to be fetched about three hours away.

So no tractor or garage time this weekend.

Weather still mild, but rain today, may lift later.

Yesterday I managed to fall out a tree, off the top of the ladder when it spun around a fixed pivot point.

Yes, I landed hard, only sprained my middle finger….. despite caution.

Accidents are so instantaneous to happen.

I skipped cutting this tree down last year and this year I wanted to cut it below the last pruning point.

Halfway, more to get done.

Thats a lot of branches to process and dispose of.

Anything more than a broomstick thickness will be put aside to dry for the fireplace next season.

Much better.

Will go up and tidy all the shoots that are sticking out everywhere.

Sally made me a white bread, bacon and two soft fried eggs sandwich today.

What a bonus.

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90% rain forecast for Sunday

Perfect weather for a 160 mile trip in the S10 to go load some “spares or repairs” stuff and a few tools from a friend, then driving back.

I had planned on hiring a van, then realised the load bed is long and wide enough, and that I already own a truck…… yes it can do the job, rather than sitting looking pretty on the driveway.

Then collect @craigrk ‘s son from Leatherhead to come pick up the Nissan Micra that will be headed down to Poole in Dorset

Really would love if it did not rain, at least while loading, but the dice are cast.


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Looking forward to the trip tomorrow

Rain forecast for the whole day, but it should all be fun.

Made up.a couple of ramps earlier, including a pair of stops against the tailgate side for when you shove the dead weight of the tractor up there.

Rather than have the ramps run away from me.

Tie down straps are also in the truck and some bits of padding.

I trust it is all good to go.

Off to dinner with friends first, and then hopefully to bead early for an early start.
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