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Unmasked the wheels this morning early before work.

I think I like that, a lot.

Better contrast than expected, and to be honest, the cream works better with the copper than it would have with the original,colour.

Later in the day I also sprayed all the surfaces with two coats of clear lacquer

Not sure if the photos will show it, but certainly works for the naked eye.

After work I needed a walk to unwind from the day.

“Bat Ears outta hell”

Calling Australia.

Trenching monster.

Amazing how therapeutic this dog is.

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I still need to figure (find out) what wheel bolts for alloys, these wheels need.

Not got any.

I think they are longer than standard and may have a specific collar.

Contacted @mercdan ‘s favourite insurers.

Quoted £275.00 for comprehensive cover…. Said to be best combo to cover this car.

Sounds like a lot of bollloxx.

Anyway, took the wheels to town.



Balancing act.

Yup……… looks decent.

Back home.

Simple mock up, well…. Placed side by side.

Typically, George, the cat I don’t have, was waiting for his dinner.

This cat is no fool.


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Plan yesterday was to get reacquainted with the Rockit.

Ended up pushing the Rockit out, cleaned the carport and pushed it back.

Went to Sally to help her in her garden.

The last two weeks have been hard with the redundancy, some jetlag, doing the day job as if nothing was wrong, I then got invited last Friday to interview on Wednesday for my own job with presentation and CBI .

So sleep, even after Wednesday’s interview has been lacking.

Being knackered yesterday I just was not feeling any of it.

Last night I managed a decent night for the first time in a while.

Today……. ?

Let’s see what happens.

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Mate JB Math shared a great pic of his Godzilla powered Cobra.

.remember the counter chair I got for Dennis In Iowa?

He ordered a new seat surface and fitted it.

Impressive for sure.

Now it will fit into the Gas Station.

The road trip keeps giving.

Yesterday Dennis needed to cut down a massive Oak tree that partially overhangs the workshop.

Remember one of them ended up on the roof last year during a storm.

Mate Jessie sprang tomthe rescue…..

50 Ton will do the job.

Seems the tree is now awaiting a future bonfire.

Problem solved, we hope.

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Weekend saw me clean the carport and rearranging stuff.

Great way to get started.

Except, I did not get started. Instead I did other jobs, like helping Sally in her garden, and a few other house jobs.

Sunday I decided not to go bootfair, unusual, but also evidence of my state of mind currently with the redundancy bollloxx hanging about.

So I used a foot pump (small compressor power switch seems to have died, along with the compressor) to pump the Rockit rear tyres, both were at 1 Bar, and got them to 3 Bar.

Sat around for a bit, then headed out to buy another pair of trainers, as the last expensive pair give zero support when walking the fields. Followed by some food shopping, stuff sure has spiralled from a price point of view.

Lets hope new trainers are better.

As I got home, @nickwheeler arrived, bringing Hotrod magazines and staying a couple of hours to chat.

Of course we drifted down to the garage.

Various discussions around both cars.

Including the right wheel nuts to be bought for the alloys.

I found one in my stash……

So we decided to lift the car, remove the steel and try the painted and tyred up wheel.

I am still liking the direction this is headed.

And discussed an added bit of paint with Nick.

He is a lot more “conservative” than I am.

Have a good week all.

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So I am back on UK time, after the USA Roadtrip.

The job situation is currently up in the air.

I interviewed for my own/old soon to be revamped and not mine, job, last Wednesday.

No idea if I will stand a chance, despite past successes and track record.

These days it seems the process decides.

Anyway, seems the winners and losers (everyone gets a prize, even if it stinks) will be informed next Tuesday.

In the mean time, I just keep doing what I am paid for.

Back to the UK and Roadtrips.

Adam, Dennis’ son, wife Hanna and son Tripp, along with her mum and husband Ginger and Clark came over last weekend to spend some time in the UK as tourists.

AirBnB was their choice, near Paddington.

Of course the country ended up in all sorts of turmoil with the death of the Queen and subsequent actions, including cancellation of tours of Buckingham Palace etc.

So they were somewhat left to their own devices to entertain themselves and a one year old.

Yesterday I took a day vacation and hired a 9 seater Ford Tourneo van, 10 years old and a bit rough around the edges, but for £110.00 including some diesel it seemed good enough as other local companies could not help

Mickey next door gave me a kiddie seat to use, though they brought theirs along as well.

George loved it.

Said transport.

After a late start, dictated by Tripp, they took an Uber from Paddington to meet me at Rochester, plan was originally to take a train.

From there we headed down to Dover, our target.

Clark wanted to see the white cliffs and we managed to get some of that done, visiting the lovely Battle of Britain memorial.

Memorial is a lovely place.


Clouds really enhanced the pics and mood.

From there we headed to Dover Castle.

A venue one really needs a whole day for.

Great mix of very old history and more modern (1945-ish WW11 era)

We only got there at 3.00pm and did one short tour of the underground hospital, then decided to pull the plug on being tourists and headed back to Chatham for an early dinner.

Return trip was uneventful.

Group pic of course.

And inside of course.

Tripp charmed all the staff, a lot like his grandfather Dennis.

Food as always amazing.

Affordability is certainly something offered here, along with service and being welcomed as family.

After dinner, the tourists took the train back to London from Rochester.

I returned the hire car, and discovered Tripps entertainment centre under the seat.


And of course an overnight postal delivery was impossible, as the postal,service is striking tomorrow and Saturday.

And Adam and co leave at midday tomorrow.

So Clark took a train to Lewisham this morning and we met up to give him the last part of the puzzle.

All in all, I was really pleased to have a day off work, and more importantly, spending it with friends

Life is good for sure. .
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