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Mk2 MX5 does go into a “Jeep” - YES - Rezin Rockit 29/01/22

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Not sure where to start a thread really, if this is even of interest.

I know some forums frown on people not sticking to original stuff, or changing from original etc.

Also discussions that may waiver from the forum subject.

So, a reintroduction, minus the long history.

Evening Gents and Ladies.

I have not been here for a lot of years, divorce, other cars, Covid and many other excuses got in the way.

Last time I had a really nice Mk1 that I spent way too much on, trying to keep or keep happy a wife that has long since left, like the MX5.

So why come back?

I guess having a X-Reg 1.6 with only around 67k miles is a good reason.

Before you get too excited, it is rotten as a pear, missing parts and at best may have been a dangerous “drift to death” car.

I am hoping there are people on here who have removed these 1.6 engines and manual gearboxes for transplanting into other cars, chassis or applications.

People who can advise, give tips, warnings and generally know a lot more than me.

What I have, barn stored a few years.

And this is where the engine, trans and wiring needs to go into.

Known as the Rezin Rockit it is a fiberglass kitkar that came minus engine, gearbox.


If anyone wants to see the rest.


Needing a ton of work.

So far a load has been done to the chassis and running gear.

Next job is refitting the front and rear suspension and running gear, then once back to being a rolling chassis……..

The real work starts, figuring out how to remove and transfer the engine etc.

I hope there are some experienced surgeons on here to guide me.

I am just outside Rochester, Kent, near Allhallows.
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Spoke to Thomas the alloy wheel guy who did the refurbishment of the S10 wheels.

He agreed to £100.00 to remove the tyres and strip and sandblast the wheels for me.

They do all sorts and sizes, from 18 wheeler steels to 23/24.25 inch alloys and custom work.

The blasting cabinet takes multiple wheels.

Damage repair, Finishing, Priming and repainting them was up to me.

For some reason, the tyres were returned like this, not sure if they use soap to remove as well.

Washed, dried, packed away.

More to come.

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What does £100.00 worth of wheel cleaning look like.

Imagine me sitting at home,,doing this all by hand, yup….. ain’t ever gonna happen again.

Done that before, years ago, still remember it as a sh!t job to do.

My time is worth more than the £100.00

And the results speak

Next job was to get then rims tidied up where they had kissed the kerb/curb before.

Trusty tools to the rescue.

Then set them all out and get on with the next step.

Etch primer.

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A quick video of start up.

Lots of work ahead of course.

Headed out in a bit.

Only 210 miles today.

Advertising is all around.

Some fuel pumps run there screens all the time.

Bit like being in a games arcade.

Also Dennis playing with the flame thrower……

Great way to start a BBQ

Or fight wasps.
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Etch primer.

And more.

So what next……?

Off back to Oklahoma to a big, BIG scrapyard to search for a few things.
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A mile from Andy’s building site.

Great views.
So for anyone interested in this intergalactic build.

Yes, I am travelling back and forth to get things done here….

Next step was painting the outer edges of the rims in Cream.




And then as an afterthought.

Whatcha think?

I like.
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Forgot to show the alloys wheels on.

Bit of a Marmite look.

Well, a lot really.

Sorry to the CDO gang for being out of sync.

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Don’t you just hate it when you are trying to make a plan come together, and it fails.


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What next…?

Indeed, and when you have @nickwheeler over for a visit and to check up and in on various progressing jobs…..

Not saying a thing, kinda says a lot.

Amazingly simple trick, use recycling bags to wrap the wheels before masking off

I also use old, large T-shirts when I paint wheels with the tyres attached, to prevent overspray on the rubber.

So I guess colour next.
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Real time road trip update.

I had lunch late in Hannibal.

cooked by Holly in the kitchen, and served by the delightful Savannah

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Something that often amuses me, we Brits get a very bad name for eating beige food from Americans but that is quite literally a British plate of food. Good to see, although you are missing a bottle of vinegar to drown those fries in ;)
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So back to the chainsaw build.

When we were at Tom’s yards, I saw a pile of hacksaw frames, walking around there was a lot of chain lengths scattered, hanging and laying about.

So I asked Tom how much for the one rusty frame…… “You can take it” he said after I told him the plan.

Next job was to find the right size chain, not easy. As they are mostly large link, or wire chains for animals.

But I found a short, damaged length. Asked Tom how much…… “That’ll be a Dollar to you” was his reply.

Back home, mid washed off them.

Into the workshop, in the sandblasting cabinet, cleaned the,links, then cut to size.

I chose not to weld it together, but just to tension it as a blade would be.

Given two coats of satin clear to retain the look.

Job done.

Gave it to Dennis when I got back, he loved it and hung it up in the gas station.

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Out with the copper paint.

Copper Done……

Only problem……

I ran out of paint, only three wheel centres done.

So ordered another two large cans off eBay, delivered after I left for the USA.

Optimistically Offered up to the car……

In the shade.

This colour loves the light.

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The highlight of every trip is stopping by at Ethyls in O’Fallon for wings and a few beers……

As always served by the unstoppable institution that is Kelly.

She also helped me get some crown bottle caps for another buddy.

Bryan came and met me for a few beers.

She also dropped me a sweet message on my FB page: I'm so happy you came by to see me before you left! As always, it was a pleasure to see you! Xoxo Kelly.
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Saw this on my road trip, in Hannibal

Back on it soon.
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Im in the USA as well, currently NYC, tomoz Seattle to visit Family....then onto San Francisco, first visit to USA, place is awesome and hectic for a country boy.

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Im in the USA as well, currently NYC, tomoz Seattle to visit Family....then onto San Francisco, first visit to USA, place is awesome and hectic for a country boy.

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Different, but amazing world.

I find them to be lovely, if naive people.

They like old skool values like respect, trust and openess.

So do I.

Enjoy your trip with an open mind and let us know how your America pans out.
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Yesterday afternoon, while fighting the urge to go sleep after my return flight from the USA trip 🇺🇸 LONESOME COWBOY ROADTRIP 🚔 Grizz’s 2022 USA trip SUMORE 🇺🇸 | Retro Rides

I went to see the wheels.

Remember that I only had enough paint for three wheels, so ran out before getting no 4 done.

Ordered the same item from Ebay “DEEP COPPER” as what I had got from @Redratbike and expected the same, or a slight variation in colour, maybe from a batch difference.

When I sprayed one of the centre caps as a test……….



So it seems (without investigating) that the manufacturer has radically changed the colour at some point.

The paint from Redratbik was stock he had bought for a build and not used, so in both cases, nobody to blame.

Just enough to P!$$ me off, and force me to repaint all four wheels.

I actually liked the first colour, but original plans was a decent contrast, and the original colour blended more.

Now I have a contrast, lets see if it works when the time comes to do the lace paint on the roof.


200ml originals vs 400ml extras bought off eBay

Centre cap.

Contrast in differing light.

And of course the huge difference in colours.

Knowing that I could not match the original colour, I had to go ahead and repaint the original three wheels.

After all , I had paid for the paint.

I will take a few more pics of the colour in daylight, though it seems to be a bit cloudy today.

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@nickwheeler popped in yesterday afternoon to check up on me, we chatted colours etc.

Had to clean my house as it needs a clean and decluttering (read rubbish bin emptied) so he declined helping with that.

Being preoccupied with the whole jobless potential scenario, I was and will be for a while, not completely in the room.

Back to this car briefly.

New colour out in the light.

Alongside the car.

Suggestion from Nick is the copper lace over a black background.

My plan is a cream base, like the wheels rims edges are, note, they are not white, and the copper lace paint over the top of that for a dark on light contrast.

But there are more important things to deal with before that happens.
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