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Sunday afternoon and @nickwheeler laying down on the job.

But the rear lights and splash guards were fitted, changed the screw in bracket to two pairs of Studs in order to make seating and tightening a lot easier.

Ultimately, the wiring ended up entering high and on the opposite side, so original access now surplus.

Should make a huge difference to splatter and keeping things clean out back.

Late afternoon photo when wrapping up for the first time (Nick likes to find more small jobs that need to be done)

Lenses back on for the first time in a while.

One of the jobs that kinda stalled was to get some automotive carpet in behind the pedals and onto the firewall, to cover the high density foam I previously added.

I was not going to buy a roll of carpet just to use a 500x500 piece.

So I rummaged in the bits of carpet from the original floor and found it……..

The original piece.

Bucket of fairy liquid, washed followed by three rinses and set out to dry, it was a hot day.

Edited and cut to fit as footwell dimensions have changed slightly.

Brutal contact adhesive and fitted.

Next small job I needed to do, which had waited for the carpeting to get completed was a left side footrest.

I had desperately wanted to use the one GRIZZ footrest that Andy in Oklahoma had cast for me.

Only problem it turns out, was it was a right foot, so only good for an accelerator pedal.

So I went to plan B which has laid in the wings for years.

Can you tell what it is yet? ( I used to have a coffin shaped one too, gave it to,someone)

Some planning, finding a long enough bolt to go through the floors etc.

Remove the carpet before drilling, as you know what happens if you don’t.

Job done.

Nick holding the i side down while I tightened up the Nyloc underneath as my arms would never reach.

Really happy with the result.

While I played with these cosmetic finishes, Nick continued to make up magical wiring harnesses, extending non extended, 10mm cut off wires etc to give us a pair of these……


In the mean time again while he was measuring up the handbrake for missing parts that need custom making, I did some woodwork, after finding some solid Oak.

Supports for the front indicators and marker lights to rest on when fitted.

The new lights are slimmer by 20mm than the originals, so some filling in will need to be done.

Part one.

Remember the small jobs Nick keeps finding after closing time?

Back to the pedal box and clutch pedal.

A 3mm change is needed to make things work more smoothly.

No way we are adjusting the firewall etc.

So out came this guy.

Watch this space.

Weekend over.

Thanks for checking in.

Used Foglight switch I had bought previously also seems to not be funtional.

Any advice on repairing them, or where to pay a lot less than retail.

Thank you.

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4 hours on Teams, in training.

Enough to make me reach for the blunt razorblades.

So after work around 5.15 I headed down, bucket of water and a lot of ambition.

Dulllllllll as dull can be,

So G3 compound on a Scotch pad, followed by some electric polisher action, and more hand buffing.

Got me here.

Followed by T-Cut, Mer and Zymol polishes.

Not doing any more, but it is an improvement on what I started with.

Not sure why I made all the effort, but at least I feel better after a day watching the screen.

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Made a small handle last night from some climbing rope I had stashed away.

Started with a hangmans noose to create the handle and locking it in place.

John the lodger was down here too.

Celebrating their team “My Left Foot” coming 4th out of 70 teams at the Red Bull Soapbox race on Sunday.

Certainly does not fit the bill for “disabled”

He is always game for doing stuff, the riskier the better.

Mocked up.

I am sure a passenger, if I have any, will appreciate it.

Walking back from the house after fetching us a drink, I noticed again how much I like this profile, and though the camera loses some of it, just how low this thing came out.

Washed the webbing and hung it out to dry as the Ebay seller is certainly a d!ck who wont replace the incorrect order he sent.

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Next job, rear cross bar.


Then wrapped.

I used contact adhesive spray on both lengths of foam to help the webbing grip and not shift.

Once I made it to the last 300mm I added a narrow webbing loop into the wrap to aid pulling the end through and locking it in place once cut back.

John the lodger suggested it as the most secure way to actually ensure it did not come unstuck.

Use the narrow webbing to pull the wide stuff through under the wrap.

I adde a small length of masking tape over the contact glue to ensure the pull through was easier and did not get stuck halfway.

And pulled through.

Cut off, and wrap pulled back, allowing me to tuck it in and pull the wrap over the end with long nosed pliers.

Harnesses refitted over the padding and seems to fit well.

Job done.

Really pleased with that result.


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Remember last year, dismantling the Horse stables with Craig, his son Kyle and Fil?

Well, the new concrete floor and a 4 brick foundation wall are all up now.

Two extra brick courses will give some more headroom than the stables did already.

Last night, this was the state of play for Craig and Kyle on their own.

The next big job once the rest of the walls are up, will be to get those super sized roof panels up and screwed together.

Certainly a job for four or more guys.

Bootfair today:

Slim pickings.

VW Golf stepdown pipe unused £2.00
“Axe” £1.00
Single hinge £1.00
3/4 box screws 50p
10 flap wheels for £8.00 normal price £1.00 each.

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Always said I was not going to do this job.

Getting it done by a refurbishment specialist would be £300.00 or more.

But 5 plus hours of therapy, cleaning, prepping, masking repeatedly, followed by two cans of a louder Gold than was on there, and two large cans of Satin Black to cover the rear inside bands and front hub faces, re-inflating, detailing the axle hubs and drums in black made me very happy, despite the very hot day out there.

Rears cleaned, prepped and painted.

Front side masked.


Before and after.


Both Golds done.

Black centres prepped, masked

And a pic of them before and after paint.

So different from where I started.





Closed shop, showered by 3.30 as too hot really to have fun.

Cold Beer time I think.

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Bought some relays for the headlights.

Seems I bought the wrong ones.

Need the other type.


Nick suggested….. They need to be double 'make or break' and not 'changeover' like a lot of 5 post relays,

But I still managed to get it wrong.

Seems the MX5 has some or other positive earth or whatever, I don’t understand.

So the LED headlights need some cleverness.


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Taken the day off tomorrow to spend some time on myself.

Yesterday a major clusterfuck of a redundancy was announced, it will be swift and brutal it seems, wrapped up by end July, and nobody knows yet.

It will be a surprise it seems.

Nobody knows.

So I raised the car once again on axle stands.

And strung an old bedsheet in place as a dummy sun screen roof.

Spoke to a sailmaker today who is also prepared to look at the S10 bed cover.

Maybe get two birds with one stone.

Tomorrow, depending on how it unfolds, I want to go through all fasteners and ensure they are tight and right.

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Walking past a skip, my eyes are drawn in there.

Walking the dog yesterday, the farm house had a new skip outside…….

Unused, like new….. phone holder, that will work for the Rezin Rockit and my mobile phone when I need a Satnav.

Free really is good.

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Carrying on with small jobs that are within my abilities had me check and mark off all underbody fasteners yesterday, my usual Red marking nail varnish seems to have disappeared, so,I opted for white, which does look rather rubbish on the black paint everywhere.

Still, another important job ticked off the list.

My good friend Kevin popped around for a progress check,,chat and coffee in the afternoon, so I used him to give opinion and comments too.

Also finalised the gearshift extension position and lock nut @nickwheeler had made and bolted the covering plate down for hopefully the last time.

Last late afternoon job was to final fix the modified fresh air intake inside the wheel arch, up high, facing back and out of harms way.

Shop shut early and then a drive and walk to go see how much hedgerow plums I could find for a batch of planned plum jam

Yield is down this year, the fruit is a lot smaller and certainly a lot less than previously.

So I may have to go search further afield.

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I cannot recall if anyone posted a link on here to a coloured wiring diagram for the ECU for this Mk2.5

Or is there a link/diagram somewhere easy to access?

It seems Nick may have cut off, or is that bitten off more than he should have should have when he thinned out the wiring loom.

Does anyone know the fuel pump wire colour?

It may be what he removed unknowingly.

Thank you.

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Filed under Random rambling.

The extreme heat is driving the farmers to harvest fast.

And the new guy, despite being it seems quite unfriendly, is driving his whole business with an extreme financial eye.

Long days and working to late, after dark that is around 10.00pm

He has also changed his tractors from John Deere to Fendt this year.,

Took Bonnie for a walk in the cut fields.

She absolutely loved it.

Must have been so much overload for her olfactory senses.

Back home, George, the cat I don’t have, has now trained me to feed him,wet,food,twice a,day.

It is cheaper than chicken or ham.

He is a pleasant chap to have around.


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Dry summer.

Hot days, relative to monsoon weather, has made the yield of wild fruit less than usual as @kevins and I both realised.

So this year my fruit collection was in three different places.

Near the vets was good for about 1.5kg and one of Sally, Bonnie and my walks has a few trees, of which only three had any accessible, usable fruit, it gave about 2.5kg as well, so I had 4kg by Saturday afternoon, stashed in the fridge.

Perfect dog walking paths.

Finding the fruiting trees becomes a game too.

Sunday I went looking about 7 miles from home on the isle of grain down the road my electrician lodger goes to,work, I recalled there was fruit when he came here last year……

Booooom as @pauly says.


Of course I had to share with this girl, I thought she was a boy……..


About 6 varieties of plums all told in my collection that made up 12kg raw with stones.

Back home I cleaned them all, and weighed up the lot.

8kg from the trees in the lane, of course minus what the horses had.

So a total of 12kg in fruit.

I went to the village and bought 10kg of sugar as I use less than the traditional 1 to 1 mix of fruit, sugar and a cup of water per kilogram.

Split the lot into 2 and 4 kilo and cooked them in two pots, with the stones in.


But I got the stones out when halfway through.

Will do the second 6kg tonight after work.

And will remove all the stones before cooking, another spectacularly shiite job, but has to be done.

By 8.00pm I had bottled and cleaned up the kitchen.


Part two tonight then.

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So on Tuesday a lot of nothing happened in the extreme heat.

John the lodger had gone from 8 hours of driving instruction time to one hour during Monday afternoon, so,he rescheduled the one hour that was left in his diary to,Friday and took the day off.

I worked from home as hospitals were on high alert and on Monday I was in one and realised the heat was not a good thing at all.

Being well ahead of my targets and quotas meant mainly administrative tasks that could be done sitting under a tree, drinking Pina Colada’s (by the bucket)

Heat under the carport hovered around 39’C

The dark green roof may have something to do with it of course.

So John and I went and started on the side lights, under the carport by 09.00 ( I had been up before 06.00 and run through a load of admin before 8.30 )

It took us nearly 4 hours to find a fault in the drivers side, including disassembly and checking of the rear lights that @nickwheeler had previously sorted.

Mate Martin called around 12.30 to see how I was enjoying the heat as his company had shut for the day, speaking with John, they narrowed it down to a duff earth as the side light was acting as indicator and various tests showed passenger side was fine.

One shortcut earth and it was all good.

So wiring was soldered in place and I bonded both the side lights into the fenders for the final/first time.

Once these were done, it was time for a cold celebratory beer for John, water had been flowing all day.

Using 4 different sets of instructions and Google, replacing one blown 15 amp fuse (possibly just a wire touching and shorting at some point) we proceeded to decipher and get the relays I had bought previously to work.

At some point the one side tested like this……..

A few hours of work found both headlights, the halo’s and side lights all working.

A lot of forward and reverse went on through the day, neither of us are electricians, and Martin’s advice helped John understand the intricacies more clearly.

While he was on the lights, I did various little jobs of tidying up and getting things together.

One was to drag the bits for the pretend”Race car doors” out of hibernation……..

Laying it all out and trying to recall what the original plans were for their assembly.

In the end after some mocking up around 18.30 and swearing a bit, I put them aside.

In stead, I started to wrap all the exposed wiring and looms, right down to 2 wire,sections, in self amalgamating tape.

Doing it all in black and removing and untangling parts then anchoring them in the engine bay has transformed the space as well.

I am really really pleased with the result as it came out better than expected.

I guess making the extra effort does pay off.

In the mean time, John whom I had dismissed after a long day, as it was now 8.00pm and he had been down there all day, except for going to pee once, insisted on figuring out how we could have the ring halo lights run separately on an ignition live.

We still need to find one in the power distribution box or somewhere, it is out there.

But then they will act as DRL’s which looks pretty cool.


For everyone’s pleasure.

Angle of the camera makes it look like they are not both working, trust me….. ZOOMERS, they all work fine and are actually the same.


Next jobs include the rear fog light, which iirc is an LED and may also require a relay if wired into the loom, alternately just a live off a switch in the cab for testing time.

Hooter needs to be fitted and made to work, I was looking for something interesting and obnoxious to fit but have pretty much failed to find anything, same as an MX5 service manual to have on standby.

Then the elephant in the room…….

Fuel pump wire to be reinstated in the loom and maybe………. Crank over and start.

Thanks for checking in.

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[quote author="@westbay" source="/post/2741305/thread" timestamp="1658394188"]What no CROWN dust cap ? :D

not my capitals ...[/quote]

Still need to figure centre caps.

Supersized CROWNs would be great.

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As I stopped at home on Wednesday evening from work, @nickwheeler pulled up and parked as well.

Hot and sticky outside……

Indoors, cold drink, chat, catch up.

Nick had come bearing gifts that had been burning a hole in his pocket for a while, but with,certain situations out of his control, it was the first chance to get over.

Remember the clutch actuator he took away a few weeks ago?

Replacement made with offset lever, and paint….😉

Also some custom nuts for the brake light switch and a spacer for the handbrake on the rear axle.

Christmasses all in one…..

Looking forward to fitting these parts of the puzzle.

Thanks a lot Nick.
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