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Mk2 MX5 does go into a “Jeep” - YES - Rezin Rockit 29/01/22

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Not sure where to start a thread really, if this is even of interest.

I know some forums frown on people not sticking to original stuff, or changing from original etc.

Also discussions that may waiver from the forum subject.

So, a reintroduction, minus the long history.

Evening Gents and Ladies.

I have not been here for a lot of years, divorce, other cars, Covid and many other excuses got in the way.

Last time I had a really nice Mk1 that I spent way too much on, trying to keep or keep happy a wife that has long since left, like the MX5.

So why come back?

I guess having a X-Reg 1.6 with only around 67k miles is a good reason.

Before you get too excited, it is rotten as a pear, missing parts and at best may have been a dangerous “drift to death” car.

I am hoping there are people on here who have removed these 1.6 engines and manual gearboxes for transplanting into other cars, chassis or applications.

People who can advise, give tips, warnings and generally know a lot more than me.

What I have, barn stored a few years.

And this is where the engine, trans and wiring needs to go into.

Known as the Rezin Rockit it is a fiberglass kitkar that came minus engine, gearbox.


If anyone wants to see the rest.


Needing a ton of work.

So far a load has been done to the chassis and running gear.

Next job is refitting the front and rear suspension and running gear, then once back to being a rolling chassis……..

The real work starts, figuring out how to remove and transfer the engine etc.

I hope there are some experienced surgeons on here to guide me.

I am just outside Rochester, Kent, near Allhallows.
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It’s a broach, for making round holes square…
Have you never used a broach? Common machine shop tool.
I wanted to go play a bit last night after I got home and did for 20 minutes, then the chill, and wet decided it was less than pleasant out there and I came inside.

I was going to make some under dash hook brackets to hold the wiring loom up and out the way, but I got very wet out back digging through my scrap pile in the hope to find some ready made bits to adapt.

While I stood deciding what to do next, I made a short clip of the rain falling on the tin roof of the carport and driveway, enjoying the fact I had a dry space, despite now being soaked myself.

Sent it to my brother “Dozer” in South Arica and a minute later he replied with……. “Hey, why not mount that 7.5 ton truck valence as a bikini roof on,the Rezin Rockit?”

What a great idea to at least investigate.

So with so e trimming, figuring a secure method of fixing, it could be a starter.

So, this…….

Goes there:

Masking tape, sharpie, jigsaw, powerfile, fixings……..

Hey, a job for another day.

Looks like it was made for it
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Will the fuel nozzle fit inside the toolbox?
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I need prayers too………..

Did the DIY renewal of my passport after about 50 photos and 9 submissions failed the test.

I eventually submitted a 50% liable for success photo.

Lets hope HM Customs etc, approve of the pic I submitted.
Mine came back in ten days, good luck
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Don’t forget your screen wash, many do….
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A lot of recovery services as often slated for poor response times, or long waits.
When my power steering packed up in Spain 3 years ago, this lot got me a tow within 1.5 hours, seriously impressed…
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Judging by his tail position it looks like he’s going to mark his territory…!
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