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As Martin says, this is the fuse holder that the white connector plugs into. One fuse is for the electric aerial, the other is for the heated screen.

The HRW relay plugs in behind the vertical trim carpet, inside the back panel on the nearside of the rear numberplate. It's the same as the horn relay, although the proper heated screen relay has a bracket to attach it to the stud.

To connect the screen to the car, you can buy the proper harness but if you have the mk2 version, you can unwrap the harness and crimp your own spades on easy enough. You need to bridge the top two pins in the connector behind the seats to bypass the inhibit switch for the folding soft top fitted to some models (see this thread)

The HRW switch fits in the right of the dash with the fog light switch and dash dimmer if fitted. There are white plugs and blue plugs....pull the blanks out and see what you have.

ETA - I'm not suggesting you buy all the parts new, used bits are available much more cost effectively, but MX5Parts is a useful source of images
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