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Mk1 Wings Please

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I'm after a pair of front wings for a Mk1 please. Must be rust free but I don't mind what colour.

Thanks in advance.
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Can anyone give me a ballpark figure as to what a pair of wings should cost? I'm getting stupid quotes off ebay.

I've spoken to Tattoo-Ron and I know what he thinks is a good price, and I agree with him - but some of the quotes are far past cheeky. I could get new ones for ?110 each at MX5parts NEW!! Some prices are coming in at just ?20-?30 cheaper than that without delivery. Others are damaged but at the price I would think was fair for mint ones.

Frigging tinworm
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Well I would have thought about ?20 for rough and ready ones, maybe ?40 each for good ones? In my limited experience I would say you just need persistence and patience.
have you tried autolink id say ?50-60 a wing to be a fair price ( rust free or 99%) or a pair for a stright ?100
?30 - ?40 seems about the norm from a scrapper but i`d happily pay more for the right colour!
Autolink have no used ones on the website, new ones are ?100 from them.

I'd pay ?40 each for rust free ones, ?50 each if they had mint paint and were silver!
Autolink are sold out of used wings.

I've had an offer of a pair for ?95 delivered from ebay but they haven't let me know the condition of them.
ive got 1 wing i think drivers side in laguna blue.. very good (a1 condition)
If you can get to pompey ?20.
I'm sorted for the wings now thanks chaps
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