Hello team,

I have a driveshaft seized in a broken knuckle. I have a replacement knuckle but not a driveshaft. Annoyingly it seems a hard one to come across too.

I need 1 x Mk1 1.8 bolt in driveshaft with the 80mm hole centers (from one hole to the next at the diff end), this also has a 22 inner/26 outer spline CV joint - both of these details seem to have only been made for a two year period and are not possible to get new from Mazda or aftermarket.

Have you got a 1.8 bolt in driveshaft with 80mm hole centers that isn't seized in a knuckle?

Or have you got a pair of Mk1 1.8 slip in driveshafts so I can get rid of the bolt ins?

Thanks in advance,