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Hello all, another noob question for you all.....

1991 MX5
running NA
DIY MS1 V3.0

Using the DIYautotune basemap, I notice that it idles when warming up at AFRs of about 13:1 and as it reaches full operating temperature this steadily drops to around 11:1 (this sounds backwards to me - what are the warmup enrichments doing???)

So I thought id tune the idle for AFRs of 15:1 with the engine off warmup (full operating temp), which was pretty easy to do by dropping idle areas on the VE table by about 15 points. Now when I start it from cold, it idles at 16-17:1, which is completely backwards as it was before I started tuning, what is going on here? Needless to say, I tuned it back so that it idles rich when cold and even richer when hot - as before.

So basically, what are my warmup enrichments doing?

I looked at the warmup wizard whilst the engine was warming and watched the coolant temperature cause the enrichment table to read off a lower percentage, so I know its doing something!

I also did a bit of autotuning (just around the block) but dont feel confident about tuning untill I get this issue sorted

Many thanks
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