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Hi guys, as you know I had my car up for sale in the sale section, but the MOT and tax were due to run out at the end of the month, so I re-taxed it and put it through its failed guess on what??? The sills and brake lines being correded abit, So I got here taken to a garage got her fixed up, brake lines replaced and the rot cut out of the sills with new metal in its place. the paint job is really good as well,you would of never known it had been done!! I mean WOW!! and what makes it even better I managed to find out what the buzzing sound was when I was in low revs...turned out to be a plastic clip thats worked its way loose and was catching on the heat shield...she sounds amazing now really impressed and I loved the drive to work today, cant wait to drive her home, so in turn I maybe keeping her for a year or two more
oh and being a passanger in a toyota yaris sucks...
(sorry Tabitha)

But anyway my problem lol does anyone know how to get at the rear bearings?? and will pattern parts do ok? and if so does anyone know where I can get them cheap?
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