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Magazine Exchange

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Wondered if anyone on here subscribed to car magazines, and if so whether they'd like the idea of a magazine swap. How it work is that once you've read your magazine you post it off to a fellow Nutzer, who posts you back their's in return. That way for the price of p&p (say about a ?1) you get to read another magazine instead of just throwing your one away or filling your shelf up.

At the moment I subscribe to Retrocars, (which covers modified cars over 20 or so years old) and was thinking of taking out a sub to Classic & Sportscar too. So if anyone subscribes to something different (I was thinking car related, before DC pops up with something perverted) and would like a read of a slightly thumbed copy of one of those post up.

I was also thinking it would be a good idea for Road&ster and Hyperev mags too. I've bought one copy (Road$ster no. 54) but at around ?20 it's a pretty expensive hobby to make it a regular buy - especially when I just look at the pics! So again, if someone fancies a swap for a different edition I'd be interested.

Since there's no profit making involved I don't see as there's any infringement of copyright problems, as in effect participants would just be giving away a secondhand magazine.
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HI andy = I get lots of car mags - top gear, auto car, auto express, classic and sports car, classic car, octane, jap performance and others from time to time. I really shoudl sort a sybscription to some of them - though I guess we could coordinate?

but - yes - I'd love to do swapsies...
I'll bring along a few back issues to the next pub meet.
cool andy - when is the next meet?

alternatively - fancy a run out to pluckley? Going to be pottering in the garden all day
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