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Dear All

there seems to be some very confusing and disappointing stories going around at the moment?

For clarification please see the following statements from Ma5da Racing in order of release. Anything else is incorrect and simply hear say or mallicious rumour:

Statement on behalf of Ma5da Racing

There are a number of rumours and discussions in the paddock amongst the Ma5da Drivers and other MX5 drivers.

This release is a direct reaction to those discussions and rumours and in an attempt to keep the drivers registered for the Championship assured of their position.

We confirm that there is currently legal issues and discussions taking place between us as the championship title holders (Ma5da Racing) and the appointed organising club, the BRSCC.

We confirm that, to the best of our knowledge, these discussions should have no direct effect at present upon the individual registered drivers in the Championship and that Ma5da Racing are working in the best interests of the Championships and the respective registered competitors.

We are sure you will appreciate that neither Ma5da Racing nor the BRSCC are in a position to discuss matters further at this time. Please be assured that the registered drivers will be informed of the position as soon as any further information can be imparted.

28th April 2012

It has come to our attention today that there are a number of rumours amongst drivers about the current position of Ma5da Racing.
To this effect we release the following statement in direct response to those questions and comments:

Following on from our previous statement at Snetterton, we confirm that Ma5da Racing and the BRSCC had a meeting on Wednesday 9th May 2012. That meeting was to discuss a full resolution to the current position of both parties.

We can now report that full agreement has been reached and formal contracts are currently being drafted for signature in the next few working days. Once completed a full statement will be released to all registered drivers.

It is also confirmed that Ma5da Racing is unaffected in its operation as the Championship Title Holders and continues to work for the benefit of all registered competitors and their interests. There is no variation of normal operation, commercial position or intellectual property rights.

10th May 2012

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Hi Jonathan

Thank you for posting this statement, This now explains the high volume of calls I have received recently from your drivers enquiring about max5..........

All the best to Ma5da racing and its drivers.

Paul Roddison
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Dear Paul

I am not on here to win brownie points or get into political statements pitching one against the other. That all happened five years ago and the results are clear to all.

Ma5da Racing has and will always place the driver first and they have a choice. Without numbers and more importantly drivers, there is no Championship.

Less than 15 of the 170 registered Ma5da Drivers use to race with Max5 and we respect each and every drivers freedom of choice. I for one would want the organising club to work as hard for my money as I have to to have it to spend on motorsport.

I trust the gearbox I supplied to assist you at Brands Hatch helped?

Enjoy your season and we will continue to develop our Championships accordingly.

PS. It is such a shame that you did not take up our offer to join forces in the development of the mk3 back in 2009, but I guess you had your reasons at the time.
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