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Keep Drifting Fun

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Love the song too

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great vid !
that was awsum!! real feel gud driftin video lol
it was indeed a great vid but I'm upset there were fixie riding hipster gimps in it - I've had enough of them invading bmx videos over the last few years so I'd rather they kept out of car ones (says the bloke with a fixie in his shed
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Great film.. good find
That was brilliant! Best Drift vid I've watched in a long time!
Great little film, really well shot
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Great vid! Does anyone recognise the song?
If anyone is interested, I shazam'd it - Its "White Rabbits - Percussion Gun"
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Agreed. I watched this ages ago when first posted and just remembered it too. I've watched it three times today and posted it on Facebook already...

Damn song's stuck in my head... where's my spotify account?!
I love this vid, full screen on a HD monitor always makes me smile
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I've just watching this AGAIN and it just makes me really really want a far superior MK1
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