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I'm bored, sorting through photos, so may aswell document this here.

This is how it started out, pic from the ebay ad

Nothing special, paintworks not the greatest but I got it to do dwyb days/be a lifestyler y0! Picked it up got it home and gave it a quick wash

Was off the road for around a month while it got bits done for its upcoming MOT

Replaced the ripspeed gear knob for a JDM y0! dildo shifter!

MOT'd she was now on the road again,

Stripped the gay carbon wrap that was on the bonnet & light covers

Treated her to some new shoes

They needed the lips polishing, few hours on each wheel got this

Sorry for gay intagram pictures its all I have

And fitted,

Skid tyres y0!

Picked up a set of kick plates

How it is now

Got rid of the number plate plinth

Replaced it with an offset one and wrapped the indicators in yellow tint film

And lastly, picked up Sparco bucket seat off hear the other night, two holes drilled and voila!


New door mirrors, Broke mine.
eBay corsica style wheel & boss.
Coilovers - been told to go for rokkors? opinions.
Drift day.

Thanks for looking.

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Viewed this car, before buying mine, the farm it was on took some finding. I thought the wrap on bonet would be hiding damaged paint, bonus if it wasnt. The wheels on it were wats and very nice, but needed refurbing as they had a very diy silver paint job. Had a nice role bar too from memory. The short mot put me off did it need much to get it through.

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Where did you get the ducktail from trying to decide on a "look" for mine so trying f to price up many different options
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