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Ok, well I've recently left uni as it wasn't for me. I didn't like the course and think I'll be better off doing some real work. Basically, I wasn't happy at uni and I think I will be happier doing what I want to do, which for now is to find some sort of job until I can find something more graphics related. I was doing graphic design at uni and yes, having the degree would have helped, but I've had a lot of thought over this and I've chosen to do it this way.

So, if anyone knows of anything going at the moment in or around Chester, or any of the good websites, it would all be a big help. Best thing to do is probably just get out there but I want to know of as many jobs as I can as obviously I would prefer something not too painful (I know there are some call centre jobs going but how soul destroying can you get?)
Like I said I ultimately want to go into graphics at some point, so I'm going to be applying and everything in the coming months, just need a little earner in the meantime!

Thanks for any help,

P.S - when I have my first ?1500 I'm buying a '5, so I NEED some money for that alone!
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